Author’s Note

There have been a couple of changes made. They effected previously posted chapters (but only slightly) so I did go back and edit the past posts, but none of the story, dialog or writing was changed. I just wanted to let anyone who may have been following the story up to this point, know about the changes so you don’t become confused by their sudden appearance.

1. Each scene now begins with a slug line like you would find in a screenplay (for example: INT. HOLLY’S APARTMENT. DAY). This was a brilliant suggestion made by a reader (Keith, thanks so much). Each update to the story isn’t really a chapter; it’s a bit shorter than that. They tend to verge towards a scene or two scenes. Inspired by screenplays which open each scene like that, it partly serves to make it clearer that updates are not so much a chapter as an event or scene and it makes that distinction while also staying in keeping with the theme of the story. It will not change the way the story is written, and for instance should that opening tag say INT. HOLLY’S APARTMENT. NIGHT. That same information will still be given to the reader in the context of the story.

2. The second change is really mostly categorizing related. I have begun to group the updates into episodes. If you’ve ever gone to the Index you will notice I am currently writing season one of Holly(Woods). As I said the updates really aren’t chapters, they’re more like scenes (or if you really want to tap into the idea of television scripts: Acts) and I had been considering for a while grouping the posts into ‘episodes’.  Which is exactly what I’ve done.

Holly(Woods) is heavily inspired by two different things. 19th Century Novels which were often published in serial form (such as works written by Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope) and Television Shows. These two changes were put in place to further acknowledge the stories’ influences and inspirations as well as serving the purposes I’ve mentioned above.

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