Ep 9, Sc 2: The Changeup


Holly wheeled the rack of dresses towards the back of the costume department and started sorting them. Matilda was sitting in a foldout chair, going through charts and making notes. She’d occasionally look over if Holly had a question but in general the room was silent. Holly had found that helping Matilda was a fun way to pass the long gaps she had between filming and the two women had grown accustomed to the relax quiet. A quiet which was now disturb as the door was flung open and Evelyn entered. She was still in costume from shooting and as she spoke she started pulling off heavy copper bracelets and handing them over to Matilda.

“Holly. I’m glad I caught you.”

“Hello. I’m about done here actually; Matilda if there isn’t anything-”

“I need to talk to you,” said Evelyn sternly, stopping Holly short as she was pushing the clothes rack aside.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Yes,” Evelyn started removing the clips holding her hair up. “For the past week you have been avoiding me.”

“I haven’t. We had lunch together twice and have talked and-”

“Several other people were at the lunches and all the times we’ve talked you been uncomfortable and trying to hurry along. I completely understand what’s going on here, you’re uncomfortable and afraid I’m going to bring up the subject of Alan.”

“Evelyn I haven’t meant to brush you off-”

“But you have because you’re uncomfortable. Oh darling I completely understand. The subject makes you nervous and since last Wednesday you’ve been afraid I’ll bring it up again, especially since the pictures of the two of you leaving the restaurant appeared in the tabloids.”

“Good to see you’re not bringing it up then,” said Matilda, a little dryly.

Evelyn ignored her and continued, “I may have overstepped bounds a little but I just meant to warn you of the things to come. You’re such an ingenue in Hollywood. There were a lot of things I wish people had told me that I learned the hard way and this environment has only gotten worse since then. I realize I may have come off a little negatively concerning Alan and you, but I didn’t mean it that way. I only wanted you to be aware.”

Holly smiled a little nervously. “I do appreciate everything you’ve done for me. It was just that it went really well. We had a really good time. It was…nice. And we went out again on the weekend and are planning on dinner tomorrow night. I like it and I like him and I just wanted to focus on that for a little while and not overthink it.”

“You thought I might try and warn you off again. Dear, I didn’t mean to say you shouldn’t date him and if you two are happy together nothing would be nicer. I just thought you might be going into it a little blindly without all the facts. Dating a movie star is not the same as dating a normal person. There’s extra baggage. But I’ve told you that now and I’m happy to never bring it up again.”

Holly came over towards Evelyn and hugged her. “Thank you and I’m sorry for avoiding you.”

Evelyn waved it away with a grand gesture. “Think nothing of it dear. But do come with me to the reception tonight for the announcing of the new associate producer.”

“That’s been confirmed?” asked Matilda looking up with interest.

“Officially? No. But everyone knows it of course. There’s been talk of someone new coming on board for weeks now.”

“Why is there going to be a new producer anyways?” asked Holly. “The show’s doing well isn’t it?”

“Well yes of course. And if the studio could have its way nothing would ever change. But much to every network’s continual regret, there’s still the human factor to take into account. People get antsy and changeup happens. There’s already the bickering over Alan’s contract.”

“What about his contract? Here’s I’ll put those away for you,” Holly added to Matilda, taking the jewelry Evelyn had removed.

“It’s expiring at the end of the year.”

“His contract was only for three years?” asked Holly surprised. “That’s not normal is it?”

“Originally it was only for one. His character was supposed to die you know.”

“Yes, he told me that.”

“So they only had him signed for one year. But he agreed to another two. ‘White Crusader’ made him so big that the network was happy to get whatever they could. Now the contract is expiring they’re desperate not to lose him.”

“But he’s going to stay on the show isn’t he?” asked Holly a little alarmed.

“Who knows?” asked Evelyn airily, “You’d be better off asking him that question. But there you have it. And of course last year the show creator was fired which disrupted things a bit.”

“I heard about that from one of the other actors. Why was he fired?”

“Oh network executives not getting quite what they wanted. According to them he wasn’t a ‘team player’. It’s not that uncommon,” said Evelyn, “But since then we’ve had a few staff changes, all behind the scenes and now we’re getting a new associate producer.”

“Is there any rumor yet about who it is?” asked Matilda.

“No idea,” said Evelyn. “I suppose we’ll find out tonight at the reception. It’s going to be here on set right after filming’s done, so Holly dear you will stay late for it won’t you? It’s going to be very small, just for the cast and crew.”

Holly nodded eagerly. “Happy to.”

“Good. Now I’m going to go take this ridiculous costume off.”

As Evelyn left, Holly turned to Matilda. “I’m sure she didn’t mean ridiculous.”

“Oh never mind that,” said Matilda, “I know she doesn’t. I’ve dressed Evelyn in most of her film and television appearances of the past ten years. She keeps recommending me to everyone. She just enjoys her dramatic exits.”

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