Episode 10, Scene 1: The Episode


Holly set a stack of paper plates down on the coffee table and shoved some magazines under the couch. She pulled an armchair closer and then surveyed her work.

“How’s it coming?” she called towards the kitchen.

Amy looked up. “Good, the cupcakes are almost done; I just need to ice them.  You can set out the cookies now.”

Holly crossed over towards the kitchen counter and picked up the plate.

“Do we have enough seats around the TV set?” asked Amy, as she smoothed a dollop of icing across a cupcake.

“I pulled the recliner over.”


“Amy, these cookies are delicious!” said Holly.

Amy smiled, pleased. “Thank you. It’s a new recipe.”

“I tell you, when you open your bakery, I’ll probably never leave it.”

Amy laughed. “Well then it’s probably good that it’ll be quite a long time before I open one.”

“I tell you what, if I ever become a successful actress, you’re going to be my first investment,” grinned Holly, “As long as you promise me free cookies every day.”

“Deal. Until then though, stop eating them, or there won’t be any for the guests.”

“I suppose they should probably get some too.” Holly carried the plate of cookies away and put them down on the coffee table.

“I can’t really decide,” said Amy, carrying over the platter of cupcakes a few minutes later, “Who I’m most excited about meeting tonight. Evelyn Martin, Peter Glades or Alan Ryder. Three movies stars in the same room at one time. That’s more celebrities then I’ve seen since coming to LA.”

There buzzer sounded.

Holly crossed over to the wall and pressed the intercom. “Hello?”

“Holly! It’s Evelyn.”

“Great. Come on up.” Holly buzzed her through.

It seemed to take a couple of minutes longer then the she expected for Evelyn to arrive, and when the elevator doors slid open she was surprised to see Peter with her.

“He showed up right as I was going in,” said Evelyn. She hugged Holly. “Hello dear. I brought this,” she handed Holly a bottle of wine.

“Oh thank you, I’ll just get some glasses.”

“No, it’s not for tonight. It’s just for you and your roommate; a thank you for having us. You should always bring something when invited over.” Evelyn moved away from Holly and crossed over to Amy. “You must be the roommate. Holly has told me so much about you. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Holly turned to Peter. “Thank you for coming.”

“Thank you for having me. Unfortunately I did not meet Evelyn’s social expectations and bring anything.”

Holly laughed. “That’s really alright. I’m just going to put this away.” She walked over to the kitchen and placed the bottle in a cupboard. When she turned she saw the Peter had followed her.

“So this is your apartment?” he said, looking around.

“Yes. It’s small, but I think it’s nice. It’s in good shape, we haven’t had any problems and Amy and I get along together really well.”

“I like it.” Peter leaned against one of the counters. “So how’s work been? I haven’t seen much of you this past week.”

“It’s been…” Holly hesitated, searching for the right word. “Okay. There’s-…well we got a new producer.”


“Associate Producer. And it’s Victor McCall.”

Peter straightened up, looking concerned. “Is he threatening to fire you?”

“No, actually,” Holly ran her hand over her hair and shifted her weight, embarrassed. “It turns out there was a bit of a misunderstanding that night at the Goudge. What I thought McCall was saying wasn’t exactly what he was saying.”


“Yes, ‘oh’ is right. So he was rather confused over the reason I dined and dashed. And when I explained why, he seemed a little hurt. And he’s been on set every day for the past week and I keep running into him and it’s awkward and I don’t know what to say.”

Peter’s lips twitched and then he started to laugh. “I’m sorry,” he said, as Holly looked at him a little angrily. “But you have to admit it’s a little funny.”

“Possibly,” she admitted after a moment. “In about a year when I can look at it with some humor.”

Peter started laughing again. Holly watched him for a few seconds and then she herself smiled and joined him.

“Come on,” said Peter, the laughter still in his voice. “Let’s go join Evelyn.”

Evelyn seemed to have easily found Amy’s favorite topic; baking. She was smiling encouragingly as Amy eagerly told her the recipe for the cookies.

“Kosher salt is the secret,” she was explaining, holding one up for illustration. “It really needs to be Kosher.”

Peter took a seat on the sofa and Holly joined him.

“Amy,” Holly interrupted, “This is Peter. Peter, Amy.”

“Pleasure to meet you,” said Amy, reaching over to shake his hand.

“Good to meet you as well. Holly has really built up your cupcakes.”

Amy looked pleased.

The buzzer rang again.

“That’ll be Alan,” said Holly, jumping to her feet immediately. Peter leaned back in his seat and became very interested in examining the decorations on the side table.

Holly buzzed Alan through and a minute later he was stepping out of the elevator. His step had an excited bounce to it and he was grinning from ear to ear. In his hand was a script.

“Holly!” He reached out and wrapping one arm around her, kissed her.

“Wow, Alan,” she laughed. “You seem really happy!”

“I am! I am very happy for you.”

“For me? Why are you happy for me?”

“Because of this!” He handed her the script.

“It’s a Homestead script,” she said, examining the cover.

“It is. I knew the writers were planning this but I didn’t want to say anything until it was finished.”

“Until what was finished?” asked Holly, a little confused.

“In this script, everyone’s favorite bartender not only features, but is an important part of the story of the week.”

“What?” Holly looked up excitedly.

“You not only have lines, you’re in the story. You do more than serve drinks, you feature. In fact on page 35 you shoot an outlaw.”

“Alan!” Holly gaped at him. “I can’t believe it! I have a story?”

“Yes you do. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the first of many.”

Holly grabbed Alan’s hand and dragged him towards the TV and coffee table. “Evelyn!” she said excitedly, holding up the script. “Did you hear?”

“That’s wonderful,” beamed Evelyn. “Congratulations!”

“How did this happen?” asked Holly, turning to Alan.

He shrugged. “They wanted to try something new, mix things up a bit. They were all worried about my leaving the show, being short a character and since Diane left last season they’ve already been a little short on female roles, so I suggested they try you.”

“You did this?” Holly asked surprised.

“I didn’t do it. I made the suggestion. Ian and Walsh liked it.”

“Wow. Thank you.” She felt oddly touched.

“It was all you.”

She reached out and gave him a kiss and then sat down on the couch and started skimming through the script.

Alan sat down next to her. He glanced over at Peter who was sitting on her other side and looking a little uncomfortable. Alan nodded curtly at him and then looked back to smile at Holly.

“Well we’ll have to get together for that episode as well,” said Amy brightly.

“Yes,” said Evelyn looking away from Peter and checking her watch. “And now we should probably turn on the TV. The episode will start in five minutes.”

Holly closed the script and Amy reached for the controller.

“Everyone ready?” asked Amy.  She pressed the power button and the screen flickered on. “And now for The Homestead episode with Holly Woods’ very first lines. It’s going to be excellent”

“And the first of many,” said Alan so that only Holly could hear him and taking her hand in his own.

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