Ep 12, Sc 2: The Boards


Holly yawned sleepily as she opened the door to the costume department and went in. She collapsed into a foldout chair and yawned again.

“Holly?” Matilda looked out from behind a rack of clothes.

“Hello.” Holly waved halfheartedly at her.

“Are you alright?”

“Exhausted. I didn’t sleep well over the weekend.”

Matilda came out from the rack of clothes and studied her. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it was just a rotten weekend.”

“What happened?”

Holly hesitated and then sighed. “Well Alan and I went out to dinner. And the photographers showed up. A lot of them. A lot more then there had been before. And then on Saturday a couple showed up outside the grocery store when I was shopping and started shouting all these questions at me about Alan and Peter and…” she shook her head.

“Holly,” said Matilda. “I told you, these things just take time to get used to.”

Holly heard the door open and footsteps and then suddenly Evelyn was standing over her, looking down with concern. “What happened?” she asked.

Matilda sighed. “More photographers again over the weekend.”

“Holly, dear.” Evelyn patted her hand. “It dies down. You’re new. A new face and new to Alan. Everything combined you just have their interest at the moment but soon that will go away and it’ll be more occasional.”

Holly nodded halfheartedly.

“Is there something else wrong?” asked Evelyn, studying her keenly.

Holly shifted uncomfortably.

“Oh come on,” said Evelyn, “Just tell me what it is. There’s nothing you can be going through that I haven’t gone through myself.”

“It’s just…I…Amy and I were watching this movie on TV.”


“It had Alan in it. That’s why we were watching. And afterwards I wanted to find out who directed it so I looked it up online and ended up on this message board about Alan and-”

“And let me guess,” Evelyn interrupted. “They didn’t like you.”

“No. They didn’t. And they were cruel about it. The things they said were so ugly and the language vulgar and I just don’t understand what I did to make perfect strangers hate me.”

“Alan attracts that special category of fans which people call many things; obsessed, passionate, crazy, hardcore or devoted. I call them teenagers. They’re just silly and young and you shouldn’t pay them any attention.”

“But the things they said-”

“Are hurtful. I know. And I’m sorry you had to read that but it’s just nonsense.” Evelyn pulled a seat up and sat down, taking Holly’s hand in her own. “They get crushes on celebrities and resent the people they’re involved with and say stupid things and you just have ignore it. Part of becoming well-known is learning to deal with the hate. Everyone gets some of it. No celebrity is universally well liked. Unfortunately when you’re still just known as someone’s girlfriend, especially someone like Alan, you tend to get all the hate and none of the like. The fans are all convinced he’s god on earth and can do no wrong, and who could ever live up to that? Except they all secretly think they can. Which is why not that long ago, studios were very careful about what relationships they let the press learn about. Now that’s much harder. There’s a lot of good things come from being well known but there’s some bad things too. And those you just have to get used to.”

Holly nodded.

“And stay off message boards,” Evelyn added.

“I think I already learned that. “ Holly smiled. “Thank you.”

Evelyn smiled. “I remember the first time I read something negative about me. Of course there was no internet then so it wasn’t from fans. It was in some gossip magazine. It said I was terrible actress, cast purely for my proportions and I should give up film and switch to a career in pinup. I was crushed. But eventually you learn that they’re just selling magazines. And the fans are just having a little fun. Or completely mad. It varies.”

Holly laughed.

“And you’ll get used to the photographers. And some days you’ll just want strangle them, but mostly you’ll barely notice then. Like ants.”

“Evelyn,” said Matilda, frowning. “Ants? They are still people.”

“They’re paparazzi. So I’m not sure they are.” Evelyn turned back to Holly. “Eventually there are some methods you can use to work with them or around them, but I don’t think you have to worry about that now. It’ll die down. Don’t take Peter to any more parties, avoid any rows with Alan in public, and without any news they’ll get bored of you.”

Holly smiled and then hugged her. “Thank you.”

Evelyn beamed at her. “Of course. Are you alright now?”

“Yes. I think so.”

“Good. Because I believe Walsh was looking for you.”

Holly nodded and stood up. She waved at the two of them as she stepped out of the building. She shut the door behind her and turned and suddenly found herself facing Alan.

“Hey,” she beamed at him.

“Hello.” He came closer and kissed her. “I’m glad I caught you before the day got busy. I wanted to apologize about the dinner and all those paparazzi.”

“It’s okay,” she said, not sure whether she believed it or not, but happy to assure him. “And it wasn’t your fault.” She waved towards the direction of the set. “I have to go meet Walsh.”

“I’ll walk you.”

She nodded and put her hand in his.

“I wanted to ask,” he said, as they started walking. “I’ll be flying out on Sunday. And since I’ll be gone two weeks I was hoping we could spend the day together on Saturday. Drive out of town maybe, somewhere out of LA where it can just be the two of us. I’m going to miss you so much while I’m gone.”

She smiled up at him. “I’d like that.”

“Good.” He nodded, and then stopped walking. He titled towards a building. “I think Walsh is in there.” He kissed her hand and then let her go. “I’ll see you tonight.”

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One Response to Ep 12, Sc 2: The Boards

  1. Keith says:

    “Well Alana I went out to dinner.”

    should be “Well, ALAN AND I went out to dinner

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