Season 2, Episode 1, Scene 1: The Return

Amy adjusted the pillows on the couch and poured some water into a vase of flowers. A buzzing started sounding off from the kitchen and she hurried over, shut off the timer and then bending down, pulled a sheet of cookies out from the stove. She transferred them onto a plate and carried the plate out to the living room, where she set it down on the coffee table. Looking around with a certain feeling of satisfaction, she gave a small nod, picked up a magazine and took a seat in an armchair and waited.

She didn’t have long to wait. Ten minutes later she heard the elevator and then the door slid upon. Amy tossed aside the magazine and was across the room before Holly had managed to step into the apartment. Amy threw her arms around her.

“Welcome home! I’ve missed you so much!”

Holly grinned and returned the hug.

“It’s really good to be back.”

“The apartment just wasn’t the same without you.” Amy gave her a second hug, before leading the way into the living room. The two got comfortable on the couch and then started diving into the cookies.

“So how was the trip? Tell me all about it!” said Amy excitedly, “How was Australia?”

“It was fantastic,” Holly said, beaming. “It was so exciting being on such a huge film set. And we were really close to Sydney, so there was really a lot to see and do. One weekend Alan and I took a camping trip into the outback which was…well I admit not quite my idea of fun, but he enjoyed it, and it was nice just being the two of us.”

“You had a good time with Alan then?”

“The best time. I was with him every day. Even when he was filming, we often hung out between scenes. I thought it might be boring waiting for him all the time, but I mostly hung out in his trailer- oh wow, Amy, you should have seen his trailer! It was huge and it had just about everything. And then I got to know the cast and crew, which was pretty fun. But it was a bit surreal. Since I was there with Alan, and he was the star of film…” she shrugged. “People just acted a little weird around me sometimes. And then there was some run ins with photographers, but I got used to that and Alan could handle it pretty well. But Australia seems to have a lot of photographers. At least a lot interested in Alan.”

Amy nodded vigorously. “I saw some pictures of you popping up occasionally.”

Holly sighed. “Yeah. But I’m starting to figure out that that just happens and I’ve gotten used to it more.”

“On the plus side you looked really pretty in all of them.”

Holly laughed. “Thank you. Anyways. The trip was just so much fun. And you know I’d never actually been out of the country so that alone was exciting. And the people there were so nice. And then I told you we were going to stop a couple of days in New Zealand on the way back, which we did, and it was so beautiful. The county is breathtaking.”

Amy sighed happily. “It sounds like you had a very good time.”

“We did. Everything was just great…well except the break-ins.”

“What break-ins?” asked Amy, frowning.

Holly shrugged. “Someone broke into Alan’s hotel room a couple of time. Some overly enthusiastic fan apparently as they left a couple of notes. “

“What did the notes say?”

“I don’t know exactly. Gushing about how much she loved him and how perfect he was or something. That kind of stuff. According to the notes her name was Robin. The police looked into it and couldn’t find her. They figure she’s probably just some obsessed teenager. So Alan just switched hotels and it stopped, and he managed to keep it out of the papers. So no big deal.”

“Must have been a bit scary.”

“I think he was a little shaken to know someone had been in his room but once he moved and it didn’t happen again, he calmed down.” Holly sighed and stood up, stretching and then suppressing a yawn. “I’d better unpack.”

“Can you wait till tomorrow?” asked Amy, following her friend back towards the elevator where the suitcase had been left.

“I have to head to set tomorrow.”

“Already? You just got back.”

“I know. But we spent the extra days on that stopover in New Zealand.” Holly took hold of the suitcase handle and started trundling it across to the dresser. “And the new season of Homestead waits for no man.”

Amy grimaced. “The jetlag’s going to be a killer at work then.”

“Yes. And then I also have a lunch date with McCall to go over some promotion plans for the film I did this summer…and then I’ll come home and stare at ceiling all night unable to sleep because my internal clock will be sure we’re still in Australia. But it was totally worth it.” She grinned as she lifted the suitcase onto her bed, tugged at the zippers for a few seconds and then flipped open the top.

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