S2, Ep 3, Sc 1: The Movie

Holly adjusted one of her earrings as she stood in front of the bathroom mirror and then picked up her purse and exited out into main room of the apartment. Alice was sitting on the couch in front of the TV, a bowl of popcorn balancing on her lap and her feet propped up on the coffee table.

“I’ll probably be back late tonight,” said Holly, as she rummaged around for her car keys in a bowl on a side table.

“Where are you guys going?”

Holly shrugged. “Just out to dinner. But Alan’s picked a place that’s apparently a bit of a drive.” She found the keys and stuffed them into her purse. “Alright. I’m off then. I’m meeting him at his place.” She started towards the elevators but then stopped short as she caught sight of the TV. “What are you watching?”

“It’s a rerun of Crocodiles in Space. It came out over the summer while you were gone.”

“Peter’s movie?”


Holly leaned against the back of the couch and watched a couple minutes.

An actor fell to the ground and desperately tried to scramble backwards, away from the open jaws of a crocodile. Then Peter leapt down from a catwalk several feet above, grenade in hand. He unpinned it and tossed it into the animal’s open mouth.

“Blow off.”

A second later and there was a huge bloody explosion, crocodiles parts flying through the air in slow motion…and a couple of them bouncing off the sides of the room.

Holly laughed. “That didn’t even make sense.”

Alice nodded eagerly. “Yeah. This movie got seriously panned. But there’s actually kind of a funny charm to it and people have actually have been watching it. This is the third time the network’s aired it.”

Holly straightened up. “Well I’d love to watch but I’ve to go, or I’ll be late. Maybe I can catch the next time.”

Alice waved goodbye and Holly took the lift down to the ground floor. As she stepped out into the evening air she took a deep breath, taking it in. She realized she suddenly felt very light hearted.

She hesitated for a second and then the image of the slow moving parts of the exploding crocodile popped back into her mind and she laughed out loud. She fished her cell phone out of her purse and dialed.

It rang several times before there was an answer.


“Hi, Peter. It’s Holly.”

“Holly?” He sounded surprised but genuinely pleased. “Wow, it’s really good to hear from you.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t call you sooner. It’s been crazy since I got back; getting into the swing of things again on set, a photo shoot last week and other promotional stuff for the film, for all of which I have no idea what I’m doing of course so it’s absolutely terrifying.”

“No I get it. You’ve been busy.”

“But I should have called you.” There was a slightly too long pause. “Anyways. I was hoping you might want to grab some coffee this Friday? I’m not in the episode they’re shooting so I have the day off.”

“That would be really nice.”

“Great. We can catch up. You can tell me what you’re working on now.”

Peter had a coughing fit and then mumbled, “Not much. But sounds good.”

“Okay. Well I’ve got to go now, but how about I text you time and place?”

“I’ll see you there.”

“Excellent. Bye.” She hung up and sighed contentedly, feeling as though a weight had been lifted.

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2 Responses to S2, Ep 3, Sc 1: The Movie

  1. Holly(Woods) says:

    I know…it’s a short chapter. I’m sorry about that. Ordinarily I would have gone ahead and written the next scene to go along with this one, since this was a sort one…but it was Halloween and I was feeling celebratory. And for me celebratory seldom equals being productive. So Happy Halloween everyone :-)!

  2. schn00dles says:

    Oh, it’s a good scene. Glad to hear from “Crocodiles in Space”.

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