S2, Ep 5, Sc 2: The File

Peter cracked his knuckles nervously as he rode the elevator up to the thirty-fifth floor. He only had vague memories of visiting the law offices five years ago, most of the time Louis had come to him. Still the sense of déjà vu he was getting felt unsettling and he was struggling to keep his mind in the present.

The elevator stopped and the doors slid open. Peter stepped out and was immediately confronted by a receptionist desk and the large words ‘Hampton, Wilcox and Farr’ set on the wall.

Peter approached the desk. “Excuse me. I have a meeting with Louis for two o’clock.”

The receptionist consulted her computer and then nodded. “Mr. Farr is still in a meeting in the conference room but you can wait for him in his office. Just down the hall, corner office on the right.”


Louis’ office was large, with huge glass windows, cushy leather furniture and a dark mahogany desk that took up good quarter of the room. Peter took a seat on one of the sofas along the wall and waited.

This wasn’t the office Louis had had when he was Peter’s attorney. But the case had been pretty huge for his career and Peter heard lots of celebrities sought him out now when they got into disagreements with the law. The money Louis brought into this firm probably justified this office.

The door opened and Louis Farr entered. He grinned broadly and tossed a file onto the desk almost dismissively before coming over to shake Peter’s hand warmly. “It’s so good to see you. Sorry I’m late; I was in a meeting with a client. Can you I get you something to drink?” He gestured towards a drinks cart in the corner. “I won’t be able to join you, I have to sit in on a deposition later but I’d be happy to pour you something.”

“Thanks but no,” said Peter. “I have to drive.”

“Well if you get in any DUI trouble I could always get you out,” said Louis cheerily.

Peter resisted the temptation to roll his eyes and instead forced a laugh. “Good one.”

“Well if I can’t get you a drink how can I help you?” asked Louis, clearly unable to resist his curiosity any longer.

Peter took a deep breath and then blurted out quickly, “I was hoping you could give me a copy of your file from my case.”

There was a long pause as Louis worked out what Peter had just said and then he raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Your murder trial?”

Peter tried to ignore his own flinch reaction at the thought of the trial and nodded. “Yes. I know this might be a bit unusual, but I was hoping you’d still have some of the paperwork and briefings…and evidence.” He was conscious of the fact he’d tried just a little too hard to sound casual at the end there and that Louis’ had noticed it too.

“You want the evidence?”

“And stuff. Yeah. I mean the police had to send you over all that, or the DA or whoever. So you had it all at one point and I thought there was a chance you might still have it in your records.”

“I’m sure we do, we hardly throw anything out but why on earth do you want it?”

“Uh material for a bio film. An auto-bio film that is. It’s a new, growing genre.”

“Oh. Really? Interesting, I hadn’t heard of one of those before. I thought you were just going to try and write a book or something.”

“That would have been more logical.”

“I’ll get you what we have. Hold on a sec.” Louis disappeared for few minutes and then came back holding a large cardboard box. “This is what we’ve got. We’ve been working on converting a lot of our older stuff to electronic form so it might be missing a few bits and pieces but if there’s something you need that’s not here you can give me a call.”

“Thanks Louis. I appreciate it.”

“No problem. I’ll be interested to see who they get to play me in this auto-bio film.” Louis shook his head. “That’s really a genre?”

“It’s huge in Europe. Hollywood’s just catching up now.”

“Well, call me if you need anything. And it was good to see you again.”

“You too.”

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One Response to S2, Ep 5, Sc 2: The File

  1. Mian says:

    pulling the lawyer’s leg. what fun!

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