S2, Ep 8, Sc 3: The Worry

Holly left lunch with McCall feeling more at peace then she had in a while. He’d been open and understanding and that had helped to relax her. She realized, as she drove back to the set, that part of her reluctance to discuss her career prospects with Evelyn had been a result of the abundance of change that had happened in the past year. She had begun to feel overwhelmed and had just wanted to ignore it. Not, she added mentally to herself, that she wasn’t still considering Ian’s offer. It just felt easier now to look at the whole picture.

She pulled into the Homestead parking lot and made her way over towards the Costume Department. She entered and greeted Matilda.

“Hey, need any help? I’ve got another couple hours till my next scene.”

Matilda hurried over. “No time. We need to get serious about your premier.”

“What?” Holly asked, laughing.

“We need to pick your dress out. I’ve called in several favors and I’ve heard back from them all now so we need to look over the results.”


“Yes. Several prominent designers have agreed to loan you a dress if you’re interested. I’ve had them send over photos and I have them all spread out here. Come look.”


Evelyn sighed in annoyance and brushed off the side of her costume as the trainer attempted to calm down the horse, which was raising clouds of dust and whinnying. Walsh was getting annoyed and checking his watch, as the cameramen readjusted some equipment and waited to be able to continue. Alan was leaning against a wooden fence beside her, he looked troubled.

“At least it happened while you were off it,” she said, by way of encouragement. “And that horse has been trouble since its first day on set.”

“What?” he blinked at her confused.

“Isn’t that what you’re upset about?” she asked. “The horse rearing?”

“Oh. No.” He shook his head.

Evelyn waited for him to elaborate but when he remained silent she prodded him. “Well what is it then?”

Alan hesitated and then looked around and lowered his voice. “You have to promise me you won’t tell Holly this.”

“How mysterious. And frightfully young and foolish,” said Evelyn. “Dear if there’s something wrong Holly is the one person you most certainly should tell. She is your girlfriend remember.”

“I just don’t want to worry her.”

“About what?”

Alan sighed. “It about the break-in to my trailer. The most recent one. The police compared the note left with the previous one. Apparently there are stylistic differences in the writing, the tones don’t match. And neither does the handwriting.”

Evelyn considered this. “What do they think that means? If someone wrote the second note, why? And how did they know about Robin? Are they sure they’re right about this?”

“They seemed pretty positive. They think someone who’d heard about the first break-in, must have done it and left the note to cover up their tracks. They’re saying it’s probably someone on set.”

“Oh no.”

“They’re still not clear on motivation.” There was a pause. “But there’s something else too.”

“What is it?”

“I gave them some letters I’d received from Robin and they looked them over. They think I should be concerned about them.”

“So on one side you had a stalker and on the other you have someone breaking into your trailer pretending to be a stalker?” Evelyn raised her eyebrows. “I can see why you’re a little upset by it all. It is rather alarming.”

“Holly’s not concerned yet about any of this and I really don’t want her to be. She has enough going on at the moment.”


“Yes, her movie is about to premier, she got some career choices coming up and there’s the thing with-” he cut off abruptly.

Evelyn eyed him. “The thing with what?”


“Oh Alan dear, you should know better than to think you can put me off that easily. I will hound it out of you, you know that.”

Alan laughed wryly. “Fine. We had a slight disagreement about Peter Glades. I don’t like her spending time with him.”

“Are you jealous Alan? Really? She’s chosen you and is head over heels in love so I think you can cut the poor man a little slack.”

“I’m not jealous; but I don’t think it’s safe. He could hurt her. He was the prime suspect in a murder.”

“Alan! Evelyn!” Walsh yelled out. “We’re ready to start again!”

Evelyn raised a thoughtful eyebrow, and watched as Alan walked back towards the horse.


Holly held up a photo of a sky-blue dress, the material looked thin breezy, the sleeves dropped down around the shoulders, and little silver rhinestones had been embroidered into the neckline and waist.

“It’s beautiful,” she exclaimed looking at it.

“Is that the one you want?” asked Matilda, coming nearer to examine the picture.

“What do you think?” asked Holly, handing the photograph over. “Do you like it?”

“Yes, definitely. And it’ll look lovely with your coloring. I think you’ve chosen very well.”

“How much would the dress be?”

“It’ll be on loan as a personal favor to me, so you don’t need to worry about that. You never actually buy dresses for premiers.”

“Why not?” asked Holly.

“Because you shouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same dress twice,” said a voice from the doorway.

Holly turned around, “Evelyn! You surprised us. Come look at the dress Matilda and I have picked out. I’d love to know what you think.”

Evelyn came over and glanced at it. “Lovely. You’ll be beautiful dear.”

“Are you finished shooting already?” asked Matilda.

“No. There’s something wrong with that blasted horse. The trainer thinks he’s sick or something. They’re bringing in another one.”

Holly’s cell phone rang. She pulled it out of her purse and checked the caller id. Peter again. She told herself she didn’t want to talk to him in front of Matilda and Evelyn and rejected the call. As she slipped the phone back into her purse she noticed Evelyn studying her curiously.

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  1. schn00dles says:

    That horse is suspicious. 🙂

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