S2, Ep 10, Sc 1: The Day

Holly rolled over and stared at the ceiling. She’d been staring at if for the past three hours. She could hear Amy’s even breaths as she slept in the bed nearby, as well as the sound of traffic that had been steadily picking up since she woke.

It was tonight. Tonight her first movie would premiere, she’d walk down her first red carpet, with Alan at her side, and anything could happen. The movie might be terrible. Victor had assured her they’d been getting a good response from the test audiences but they’d been wrong before.

Victor’s producer friend would be at the premiere. What if the film was excellent and a huge success? What if he offered her the part in the action film like Victor wanted him to? Decisions were definitely going to have to be made in the near future.

But despite all that, despite the voice in the back of her head that was panicking, there was also a thrill of excitement and it was that which had woken her up at five this morning and kept her awake. It was a potentially huge day for her, and she was going to enjoy every minute of it.

Her alarm clock started buzzing. She flicked the off switch and jumped out of bed, tossing the blankets aside. Amy stirred and let out a small groan.

“Shh, go back to sleep,” said Holly, “I’ll be out of here soon.”

Amy rolled over and for a second Holly thought she was already asleep again, but then she sat bolt upright, any sign of sleep instantly gone. “Today’s the day!”

Holly couldn’t suppress her grin. “It is.”

“What time is Evelyn coming for you?”

“She should be here in half an hour.”

“Great. Well you get dressed and I’ll whip you up some eggs and toast to send you on your way.”

“Amy you don’t have to.”

“Of course I do. It’s going to be a big day and you don’t want to start it on an empty stomach.”

Holly took a quick shower and changed into jeans and t-shirt and then ate a quick breakfast with Amy. They were just washing up the dishes when Evelyn showed up, clearly all in tizzy.

“We’ve got to get moving, there’s so much to do and so little time.”

“Evelyn the premier isn’t until six this evening, we over nine hours,” Holly pointed out.

“Darling that’s barely enough time. You have to get your hair done, your makeup, you have to get dressed. There’s going to reporters, some TV cameras. For indie film I must say it’s getting a good bit of attention. I suspect all the publicity of you and Alan has been rubbing off on it and of course Frank being in the picture doesn’t hurt.”

Holly grabbed her purse. “Fine, I’m ready. I’ll still be seeing you there won’t I Amy?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t miss it.”

Holly and Evelyn stepped into the elevator and started taking it down.

“Does Alan know to pick you up at my apartment?” asked Evelyn anxiously as they rode down.

“Yes.” Holly laughed. “You look so nervous. You’d think it was your first premier instead of mine.”

“But there’s so much to get done. You must look breathtaking dear. Of course with Matilda leading the charge there’s no doubt you will. She’s simply phenomenal. She really is another Edith Head.”


Evelyn sighed. “I’m still shocked sometimes you’re in the film business.” The elevator door slid open and they got out. Evelyn hurried them along outside and into her car. “You did make sure Amy had her invitation didn’t you? She won’t be able to get in without it.”

“Yes. Victor made sure of it for me.”

“Excellent.” Evelyn paused for a moment to honk good and hard at a passing car she felt had cut her off and then asked just a tad too casually, “Will Peter be there?”

Holly turned her head away and looked out the car window. “No, I don’t think so.”

“He couldn’t make it?”

“I don’t know.” Holly sighed and admitted, “I didn’t invite him.”

“You didn’t? I thought you two were good friends.”

“Not good friends. Just friends,” said Holly, feeling uncomfortable. “Look it’s just Alan. He wouldn’t have been happy. He’s jealous or worried about Peter, I’m not sure which. And Alan is my boyfriend and I love him very much. So if it makes him that unhappy, I don’t see why I should force the two to spend time together. Peter doesn’t enjoy it anymore then Alan does, I can tell he doesn’t like it. So I’m not going to force the two to spend time together.”

“So Peter lost out by not getting an invitation?”

“He probably wouldn’t have come anyways,” argued Holly. “There’d be a lot of people there he probably knows and doesn’t want to see. When I took him to that after party he wasn’t very happy and certainly didn’t enjoy it. If I invited him he might have felt obligated to come and he would have hated it.”

Evelyn raised a skeptical eyebrow but did not respond.

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