S2, Ep 14, Sc 2: The Test

Holly felt nervous as she was led down the studio hallway. She could not help but recall her last screen test, where she had first met Victor. She’d thought it had gone well but had still ended up losing the part. She tried to remind herself now that she wasn’t even sure she wanted the part, but it didn’t stop the jitters from setting in.

The woman leading her took her up a flight of stairs, down another long white hallway and to a closed door. She knocked on it perfunctorily before opening it and leading Holly in.

It wasn’t a very large room and there were only a handful of people inside. Mal Grant was there, as was Victor and Frank and one man in the corner with a camera.

“Holly,” Victor beamed at her.

“Sorry I’m late.”

“Frank only just got here as well,” Victor assured her. “Have a seat. We’re keeping this a small group.”

“Hey,” Frank greeted her. “You’ve had a busy week.”

Holly smiled weakly, but didn’t respond, feeling too nervous to really want to delve into the issue of her love life in front of Mal Grant.

She didn’t know Grant well enough to be comfortable around him and too many people had stressed to her what an important man he was. She knew his studio was one of the largest and she understand that he personally had made several of the biggest Hollywood careers. None of which made her any more comfortable right now.

“Here’s your scripts,” said Victor, handing a couple of pages over to Frank and Holly. “We’d like to hear you run through it a few times, then we’ll film and then maybe just improvise a few scenes to see how you play off each other. Sound alright?”

Holly nodded and turned her attention to the page.


“I think that went pretty well,” said Frank grinning, as he and Holly made their way through the studio building.

“I hope so. I have to say halfway through filming the scene, I suddenly got very excited about the whole thing,” said Holly eagerly.

“You weren’t before?”

“Well I was excited. I was just not sure really if…if I was offered the job if I would take it. I have the option to stay on Homestead and have a larger part. But that screen test, the script, and just how much fun it was working with you again, and suddenly I’m just really excited about the whole project.”

“So you’ll take it if it’s offered?”

“Yeah. I think so.” She grinned. “Evelyn would be thrilled.”

They descended a flight of stairs and walked across a large lobby towards the exit. “So how have you been holding up?” asked Frank, opening one of the large glass entrance doors and holding it for her. “I know you’ve gotten a lot of a media attention since the news of your engagement broke.”

“It was a bit of shock but it hasn’t been so bad,” she said, shrugging. The air outside was hot and humid, and she raised a hand against the glaring sun as Frank put on his sunglasses. “I am staying at Alan’s house for a couple of days though since he has better security.”

“Alan’s house? How romantic.” Frank grinned and raised his eyebrows.

“He’s out of town,” she said coolly. “He’s up in New York doing promotion for his new film.”

“Pity. It’s a better story the other way.”

She laughed and gave him a friendly poke. “I’ll see you later. Good luck on the screen test.”

“You too. I got the distinct impression it was both or neither of us. So fingers crossed.”

Holly hugged him goodbye and got in her car. Walsh had given her the day off, so she drove back towards Beverly Hills and Alan’s house. She waved cheerily at the guard as she pulled up outside the gate.

“Hey Greg, how’s it going?”

“Pretty good,” he said. “How was the test?”

“Hopefully it went well.”

He opened the gate for her and she drove in, parking the car and then taking the front steps two at a time.

Holly tossed her purse onto a side table and headed to the kitchen. She hesitated in front of the fridge and then grinned. To heck with it, she felt like celebrating. She pulled out a beer and took a drink, heading into the living room.

She felt tried, from both the test and from nerves, but everything seemed to be falling into place and she was more confident she knew where she was headed. It felt good and it felt calming.

She reached for the TV control, just as the phone rang. She took a swig of beer and glanced over at it, considering ignoring it. It would be for Alan anyways. But it kept ringing. Bye the sixth ring she reached over and answered it.


There was a click as whoever was on the other end hung up. She glanced at the phone and frowned. She checked caller I.D. but the number was blocked. She hesitated for a second and then shrugged. Putting it out of her mind, she switched on the TV.


Author’s Note: Happy Easter!

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