S2, Ep 16, Sc 3: The Detective

Peter sat in the interrogation room, silently calling himself just about any bad name he could think of, while question after question kept running through his mind. How had he ended up back in one of these rooms? What was this about? What if something had happened to Holly? Could he have saved her if he had just gone to her when he first learned the truth about Alan?

He knew he was letting a hypothetical situation spin out of control in his own mind, but it was not impossible. She was with a man who’d killed before. He, Peter, had been calling and calling her. Alan could have gotten jealous, something could have happened-

The door opened and a man entered. Peter stared at him in recognition for a minute as the man crossed over and sat down opposite him, and then he involuntarily started to laugh.

Detective Donner frowned. He placed a folder to the side and said emotionlessly, “I must have missed the joke.”

“There’s no joke,” said Peter, turning serious, “I was just wondering if you actually though this was going to work.”

“What was going to work?”

“You and me, in the same room, having a conversation.”

Donner smiled. “I only have a few questions.”

“Yes, well I have one of my own. Is Holly Woods alright?”

Donner’s expression didn’t change, but Peter noticed the way he seemed to shift forward just an inch. “Why do you ask about Ms. Woods?”

“Answer my question. Is she alright?”

“I’m just surprised you bring her name up. Why do you think this has anything to do with her?”

“If you don’t answer my question, I’m going to ask for my lawyer and then we’re done here.”

“Then it would take you awhile to learn about Ms. Woods.”

There was a long silence. Peter shook his head. “I don’t trust you. The last time we were in one of these rooms together you arrested me for murder.”

“I’m not asking for trust. I’m asking for answers.”

“Answers to what?”

Donner moved the folder in front of himself, but didn’t open it. “How well do you know Alan Ryder?”

Peter shrugged. “He’s engaged to Holly. Holly’s a friend. So our paths have crossed.”

“Indeed. And how do you feel about that engagement?”

Peter let out of a snort of derision. “Why would I feel anything about it?”

“Are you romantically involved with Ms. Woods?”

“So this is about Holly,” said Peter. He rubbed his eyes tiredly. “Please just tell me how she is.”

“Have you ever visited Ms. Woods on set?”

Peter glanced up. Had something happened to her during filming? “No. But Alan works with her.”

“Yes he does. Why do you mention it?”

There was a long pause. “I just meant…, if something happened to her, he might have noticed…something.”

Donner seemed to consider this for a minute and then move on. “Do you know where the set is for her show Homestead?”

“Yes,” admitted Peter reluctantly. He suspected he was digging himself into trouble here, but the need to find out what had happened was more important than his self-preservation. “I worked on the soundstage across from it earlier this year.”

“Really?” Donner seemed to find this the most interesting thing in the world. “So you know the lot fairly well. How long ago was this?”

“Spring, a little bit of the summer.”

“Not this fall then?”


Donner pulled out a pen and small pad from his pocket and jotted down a note. “Have you ever been to Mr. Ryder’s house?”

Peter blinked, completely lost at the turn the questions were taking but feeling wary. “No,” he lied. “Never.”

“How long have you known Mr. Ryder?”

Peter shrugged. “A few months.”

“Where did you meet him?”

“Holly’s apartment. She invited me over along with Evelyn Martin to watch her first Homestead episode on TV. Alan was there and I met him.”

“And you’re sure that was the first time you’d been introduced to him?”


“You never ran into him anywhere else?”

“I don’t think so.”

Donner leaned forward. “You don’t think so?”

“You meet a lot of people in Hollywood. I could have met him at one point, but if so I don’t remember it.”

Detective Donner nodded and slowly opened the folder. He picked up a piece of paper and looked at it for several long moments before placing it down on the table next to Peter. “Do you recognize this piece of paper?”

Peter picked it up. He glanced at the paper quickly and then did a double take. He had been so focused on Holly and worry for her that he hadn’t even considered-

“Mr. Glades, do you recognize this paper?”

“No,” said Peter dully, “Should I?”

“I don’t know. You tell me.”

“It looks like a shooting schedule. And it seems to be for Homestead, so I don’t know why I’d recognize it.”

“There’s also a note on there.”

Peter tossed the paper down onto the table. “Yes. But it doesn’t mean anything to me.”

“Do you know where that note was found?”


“Alan Ryder’s trailer on set.”

“Then maybe you should be asking him about it instead of me,” he snapped angrily.

“It was found after someone broke into his trailer,” said Donner, ignoring the comment.

“That explains it then.”

“Explains what?”

“Well I know he’s had a stalker. It was just in the papers. Holly told me that someone also broke into his hotel room in Australia. They must have done it to his trailer too.”

“When did she tell you this?”

There was a beat. “I don’t remember.”

“But you knew about the stalker before he broke into Ryder’s house Wednesday night?”

“I knew someone broke in to his hotel room. That’s all she told me.”

Donner crossed his arms and nodded. There was something about the way he did it that screamed disbelief. “The problem is Glades, this note doesn’t match the others Ryder received. This one is shorter, it mentions ‘love’ and talking about ‘being together’. However Mr. Ryder’s stalker was male and not romantically attracted to him. Which makes this note something he would never have written. Not to mention,” he smiled, a little predatorily, “The handwriting’s wrong.”

“The handwriting?”

“Yes. It doesn’t match the notes. Now why would an obsessed fan follow Mr. Ryder from Australia, break into his trailer once and not attempt to mask his handwriting, but break in a second time, try to throw the authorities off with a note expressing sentiments that weren’t his, change his handwriting, and still despite all of that effort, still sign his initial?”

Peter didn’t bother to answer. He just sat, and waited to see where Donner would take this.

“Did you know Glades that fingerprints can be lifted off paper?”

Peter chuckled ruefully. That was what this was about? Alan must have figured it out and set the police on this line. He was trying to remove him from the picture entirely. This was never about Holly. She was fine.

“I must be missing the joke again,” said Donner coolly.

“I was just wondering, can you ever get to the point without all the build up? I’d appreciate it.”

“The original police managed to lift a partial print off the paper. They didn’t find any matches that stood out, however in light of recent of events I went back to take another look. Together with the handwriting, and information we have now, it was possible to make a likely ID.”

There was a long dead silence as Peter just sat there and refused to drop eye contact.

“Peter,” said Donner, his voice a deceptively kind tone. “Did you break into Alan Ryder’s trailer?”

“It sounds like you’re accusing me of a felony.” Peter leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. “I want my lawyer now.”

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  1. schn00dles says:

    Peter is frustrating.

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