S2, Ep 16, Sc 4: The Theories


Holly relaxed, as Walsh shouted the order, and she let the saddlebag she’d been holding drop to the ground. “Hey Bill,” she called to a passing crew member, “Do you have the time?”


“Thanks.” She approached Walsh. “Can I be right back?”

“Sure. We need to set up some stuff for the next scene anyways.”

Holly nodded and hurried off. She reached the costume department and entered. Evelyn immediately stopped whatever she’d been saying to Matilda and turned to her, looking kindly and solicitous.

“Holly dear, is there anything we can do for you?” Evelyn had been asking her that all day. Everyone on set had basically been walking around on egg shells around her, and it was starting to get on her nerves.

“I’m fine. I just needed to make a call.” Holly grabbed her cellphone out of a drawer she’d stashed it in and dialed. She let it ring several times before hanging up and reluctantly putting the phone away. “Neither of you have seen or heard from Alan have you?”

“No,” said Evelyn surprised. “He’s not working today though.”

“I know. But he said he’d meet me here several hours ago and I haven’t heard from him since.”

“He’s probably just held up,” said Matilda. “There’s nothing to worry about.”

“I’m not worried exactly.” Holly shrugged. “I’d just like to know what’s become of him.”


Detective Donner stepped out of the interrogation room and crossed over to the corner to pour himself a cup of coffee. He frowned into his drink and let out a frustrated grunt.


Donner looked up to see Lytton approaching him. “Tell me you got something from Ryder.”

Lytton shrugged. “He says that he bought the gun from someone but he can’t remember who. It might have been Peter, it might not have been. He can’t remember.”

“You don’t believe him though.”

“Who forgets where they got a gun? But I can’t tell if he’s covering for himself, Glades, or this Woods girl. Maybe we should bring her in. See what she has to say about it.”

“Maybe. But I’m pretty sure one of those two men knows more than their telling.”

Lytton leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. “What exactly do you think is going on here?”

“I’m not sure. But I mean to find out. The case didn’t hold up five years ago because we couldn’t produce the weapon and now it’s fallen into our laps out of nowhere. Glades could have planted the weapon on Ryder but even that doesn’t quite add up.”

“They could have been working together?” suggested Lytton. “In on it from the beginning. It would explain why you couldn’t find the gun five years ago. Peter passed it off to someone who was waiting for it. And Ryder definitely seemed alarmed when I told him we’d brought Peter in for questioning.”

“It’s possible. We don’t have a motive though for Ryder doing that. And then there’s this business of Glades breaking into his trailer on set. Why would he?”

“It might have something to do with the girl. They could have had a falling out over her.”

“Except,” argued Donner, “we have no evidence of a relationship between Glades and the girl. Tabloid gossip is about as unreliable as weather reports.”

“But it could be true,” said Lytton. “And we don’t know that the girl’s story is true about how and where she found the gun.”

“But Ryder is backing her up on it. Which he would have no reason to do the second he found out the weapon had been used in a previous crime.”

“We do know he at least does have a relationship with her. He could be protecting her.”

“Peter would have to have given her the gun then,” said Donner. “She would have been just a kid at the time Layla Glades was shot. So for some reason Peter would have passed the weapon to her at some point in the past few months.”

“Maybe they’re trying to set up Alan? Use his feelings for Holly to have him cover for her. He wouldn’t even realize what they were really doing until it was too late and he’d already taken the fall.”

“Why risk it though? Peter was found not guilty. He was in the clear with double jeopardy. We couldn’t touch him. Trying to frame Ryder would be a whole new crime.”

“His career is pretty badly off,” pointed out Lytton. “Maybe he hoped clearing his name would bring him a comeback.”

“I don’t know. I don’t quite buy that he’d risk prison for that. Or that this Woods girl would.” Donner realized he was still holding his undrunk coffee. He took a sip and made a face as he realized it had gone cold. He tossed it out and poured himself a second cup. “If we can prove Glades was working with Ryder, we might still be able to bring charges against him. We could definitely get him on perjury, but there’d also be conspiracy. If all Ryder did was hide the gun, we could offer him a deal to flip on Glades.”

Lytton scuffed the floor with the heel of his shoe and said, almost reluctantly, not meeting Donner’s eyes, “There’s also the possibility that Glades had nothing to do with anything. I know you built the case against him five years ago, and it was a good case. But we do have to consider the possibility that maybe he wasn’t guilty. It happens. Even the innocent look guilty sometimes.”

“I know,” admitted Donner unwillingly. “And we have to look into that theory too. But I know Glades. I know he isn’t telling me something. And there’s still the question of why he broke into Ryder’s trailer. It’s too big a coincidence for it not to mean anything.”

There were footsteps nearby and both detectives turned. From around a corner Louis Farr appeared. Donner groaned inwardly and slugged down his coffee.

Louis approached him and smiled about as insincerely as possible. “Detective Donner, we meet again. Always a pleasure. I’m here to see my client, Peter Glades. Where is he?”

“Follow me.”

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One Response to S2, Ep 16, Sc 4: The Theories

  1. schn00dles says:

    It’s scary how many ways there are of fingering the wrong person.

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