S3, Ep 1, Sc 2: The Rewrites

Nikki washed her hair and changed clothes. She checked the clock and headed downstairs to the living room. She picked up a couple of pages of script that had been sent over that morning and frowned as she read through them.

Her phone rang. Not putting down the papers, she answered it.

“It’s Vanessa.”

“Hey, I’m glad you called. Did you the studio send you all a copy of the new rewrites too?”


“But we’ve already finished shooting. The film’s going to be premiering relatively soon, I don’t understand.”

“I’m sure it’s just some minor changes made in response to test audience reaction. Now Nikki the reason I called-”

“These aren’t minor changes. Did you even read them? I don’t understand how these changes even make sense with the last third of the movie.”

“The magic of editing. They’ll take out anything that doesn’t add up-”

“But that’s the entire ending,” pointed out Nikki. “They can’t make the ending make sense if they make these changes.”

“I’m sure they have something planned,” said Vanessa. “You don’t have to worry about it. If you absolutely need to, call up the director and have a chat with him but I’m sure he’s got everything under control. That’s his job. Now let’s talk about your job. The actual reason I called was to talk to you about a new manager. I’ve lined up a couple of excellent choices, all with vast amounts of experience. I could schedule a few meetings for you if you’re interested.”

“No thank you.”

Vanessa let out an annoyed sigh. “You need a manger.”

“And I’ll get one.”

“When? You’ve haven’t add one for nearly a year.”

“I had a manger since then.”

“That paparazzo doesn’t count.”

“Clint counted. And I will hire a new manager in my own time. I just haven’t found one I liked yet.”

“Because you haven’t been looking. I’ve brought you several excellent candidates and you refuse to consider any of them. Nikki you need a manager-“

“And I will get one. Now I’ve got to go meet a friend for a dinner. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Nikki, we’re not done-”

Nikki hung up and tossed the phone away. She glanced down at the rewrites doubtfully. Filming had been fun. She’d enjoyed it. It was a new experience and one she’d completely thrown herself into. She’d poured through books on acting, hired a coach, and rehearsed every scene like mad. She had wanted to do a good job. And she thought she had. Everyone had seemed to think so. At least they had all said so to her. She supposed Clint would say those were two very different things. But something was off. She’d already been called in twice for reshoots and an entire musical number had been replaced. The original release date had been over the Christmas holidays but had suddenly been pushed back to a less auspicious weekend.

Vanessa kept telling her not to worry. The director kept brushing her off. And Tobin seemed to think as long as she got her paychecks it didn’t matter how the film turned out She had argued with him that that was not the policy he took on his own work but he had responded that it would be if he was paid 2 million a performance and had pointed out that acting wasn’t even her mainstay.

Nikki looked over at the phone and for one instant briefly considered calling Clint. But as soon as it occurred to her she rejected it. She couldn’t call him and tell him the film might be in trouble. Not when he had been so vehemently opposed to it. It would be like admitting he’d been right all along. Which he hadn’t been, she told herself. She had wanted to do this and there’d been nothing wrong with that and he just couldn’t understand it.

She wondered how he was though. She could call just to say hi…he wouldn’t know…but this was Clint she was talking about. He’d know. Somehow.

She stood up, tossing the pages aside, and pushing the thread of worry out of her thought. It would work itself out. She was going to meet Holly and have a nice dinner and relax. Everything else was just nerves.

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4 Responses to S3, Ep 1, Sc 2: The Rewrites

  1. Holly(Woods) says:

    Completely off topic of anything Holly(Woods) related but I just spent the most frustrating afternoon and evening, downloading the newest version of iTunes and then trying to get an iPad to work properly on it again. So annoying when computer stuff goes wrong.

  2. Keith says:


    Not putting down the papers she answered it.
    add comma after “papers”
    Not putting down the papers, she answered it.

    But some was off.
    But SOMETHING was off.

    She’d already been called in twice for reshoots, and an entire musical number had been replaced.
    remove comma
    She’d already been called in twice for reshoots and an entire musical number had been replaced.


    You wrote: but had suddenly been pushed up to a less auspicious weekend.
    “pushed up” usually means “sooner” while “pushed back” usually means “later” If the movie is doing reshoots and script changes, wouldn’t that make the movie come out later? Also, if they are doing that much rewrite, the final production date of the movie would be uncertain. So maybe the sentence should end with “pushed out.”

    It is really hard to get actors together again after a movie shoot competes. People move onto other projects, Nikki goes on tour or into the studio to make an album, etc. This is why movie shoots exist. No schedule conflicts. Which might be Nikki’s salvation. If she is unavailable for reshoots, she may be replaced. The cheap replacement actress could lip-sync her songs. Kevin Costner was in The Big Chill but was eventually edited out except for one shot of his hand.

    Just for yuks and giggles, you might want to read http://wallstcheatsheet.com/stocks/the-8-biggest-film-box-office-disasters-of-all-time.html/?a=viewall
    Also, I again refer you to: http://www.thewire.com/entertainment/2012/12/lowest-grossing-movie-2012-playback/60458/
    Can you tell I like a certain kind of disaster story?

    • Holly(Woods) says:

      Good point. I’ll chance it to ‘pushed back’.

      I also enjoy reading about that special kind of disaster story ;-). And if the films are bad enough, I enjoy watching them :-D.

  3. schn00dles says:

    Always have a foam bat at hand to smack it with. 🙂

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