Next Post October 24

So sorry! Work piled up and I just wasn’t able to get my Tuesday post for Holly(Woods) done over the weekend or today. I got offered a one time writing job, but it had a really short deadline, so I’ve pretty much just been working on finishing that in time for the past few days. And then tomorrow I have to be out all day.

Super sorry for the delay. It’s so awesome, every time someone reads and/or comments, and I hope my missing a posting day won’t cause anyone to not come back on Friday for the next post.

Sorry again. But there will be a post on Friday!

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2 Responses to Next Post October 24

  1. Keith says:

    Congratulations! Writing take precedence over …. writing? Err, I mean paid writing takes precedence over free writing. Anyway, looking forward to the next episode. I doubt you will lose anyone for a few days wait.

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