S3, Ep 9, Sc 3: The Packing

Holly pulled her suitcase out from underneath her bed and laid it out. She opened her dresser drawer and examined the shirts inside, trying to decide what to pack. It felt a little strange to suddenly be heading back to Arizona. She ran a hand across her hair, before picking up a stack of long sleeved shirts and placing them in the suitcase. It would be alright. It was her home after all.

She’d already called and left a message for her parents about her arrival and they’d email back, telling her she could pick up the house key at their neighbors.

She packed a couple sweaters, and then headed to the closest to grab some dresses.

It suddenly struck her how bizarre this trip was. They were going off on some mystery hunting expedition, hunting up some poor woman to ask her questions about her ex-husband.

Well it’s not like it’s too late to cancel, pointed out an annoying voice in her head. She hesitated. Maybe the whole thing was stupid. Maybe she should back out? Was this really any of her business to begin with?

Lionel made it my business, she argued to herself. It was becoming a fairly repetitive argument. She had had it with herself multiple times already and felt no nearer to a satisfactory conclusion.

Her cellphone rang and she gratefully answered it, happy for a chance to get away from her own thoughts.

“Ms. Woods? This is Sydney Wellington. We talked at Grant’s party and I sent a script over for you to read?”

“Of course. I remember.”

“I hope you’ve had a chance to read it.”

“Yes. I did. I enjoyed it.”

“Good. And the character of Becka? Would you be interested in playing her?”

Holly paused, uncertain. She remembered how odd it had felt to receive the script, she remembered his note, ‘Grant has said so much about you’. It had been a good script. She’d gotten excited as she read it and she had felt a certain kinship with the character of Becka. She would really love to play the part. However…

Sydney apparently hadn’t finished talking. “I’d love to have you working on the film. Grant thinks it would be a great fit and I trust his judgment explicitly. And of course I saw your last film. You did a great job. I really want that level of acting for the part of Becka. She’s very central to the message of the movie.”

“I’m certainly interested,” said Holly, reservedly.

“Good! We’re having screen-tests in January. Would you be open to coming in and reading opposite a couple other actors? We already have someone for the part of James and we’d like to see how your chemistry together translates to film.”

“Of course.” This was good. She would have time to decide before committing to anything.

“Great. I’ll have my secretary call you sometime in the new year to give you a date.”

“Sounds good.”

Holly hung up and with renewed vigor returned to packing. This was her business. Whether it was Lionel, Grant or herself, someone had made it her business if it was effecting her decisions and feelings.

She packed some dresses and a pair of jeans, before snapping the suitcase shut. The debate was over. They were going.

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    And I did it again….clicked publish by accident instead of schedule ;-). So we have a Thursday evening post instead of a Friday post! Oh well 🙂

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