S3, Ep 10, Sc 2: The Writing

Holly went out to the hall where Peter had left their bags and fished out her laptop. She carried it back into the living room and turned it on. Peter came over and sat beside her on the couch, watching as she started tackling the search.

It didn’t take long. They couldn’t find a home address but they did find a two Linda Atwood’s connected with businesses in the Tucson area. One was a nurse at the VA and the second was an administrative assistant for an auto repair shop.

Holly jotted down the addresses and checked directions. “The hospital is closer,” she said. “We should check there first and then head to the mechanic’s.”

“Sounds good,” said Peter.

She nodded and shut her laptop. “Okay. Well I think I’ll head off to sleep then. It’s late and it was a long day.”

“That right. You had work today.”

“I did. Frank is still very grouchy about the lip. When does filming start for you?”

“January second. Great way to ring in the new year isn’t it?”

“How is working with Henry? You said you’ve already had some read-throughs together?” she asked curiously.

“Not so bad actually. I decided not to let it get bad. We buried the hatchet. Sort of.”

“Wow. That’s pretty impressive. I know you two…I mean Evelyn told me…”

“That we have history?” Peter laughed. “I have history with just about everyone. It was getting exhausting. I decided to save myself the headache.”

Holly laughed. “I wish it was that easy,” she said, only half joking. “But speaking of exhausting, as I said I’m going to call it a night. Would you like me to show you to the guest room?”

“No that’s alright. If you just tell me where it is that should be fine.”

“Of course. Just down the hall, third door on the left. Feel free to use anything in the kitchen. There should be a TV in your room and you can use the one out here if you’d like. There’s no password on the internet so you shouldn’t have any difficulty logging on if you want to.”


“No problem. And Peter, thank you for coming.”

Holly grabbed her bag from the hall and went to her room. It looked an awful lot like the way she’d left it. Her mother had clearly cleaned in there as there was no dust on the surfaces and the carpet had been freshly vacuumed, but then her mother had always been a cleaning fanatic.

She shook her head abruptly to chase away some nagging little thought that she couldn’t quite put into words but that had been bothering her since they’d arrived at the airport. She grabbed her pajamas and toothbrush out of her carry-on, changed quickly, brushed her teeth and was under the covers in a matter of minutes.

The weather was turning cold and it felt comfortable to lie under the blankets and stare up at the dark ceiling. She strained to listen for any sound of Peter. She hadn’t meant to be quite as jittery in conversation as she had been. She chalked it up to nerves over the trip and home. It also felt odd just talking to him, acting as if nothing had happened. She knew he’d been awfully kind about the way she’d treated him when Alan had been arrested, but she found it hard to forget it herself.

There was the sound of distant footsteps and she thought she heard him out in the hall. Probably getting his bags, she thought to herself. There were more footsteps walking down the hall. She heard them pass her room and then the door next to hers opening and shutting.

The walls had always been thin. You couldn’t hear every sound, but if you lay perfectly still and listened quite hard you could hear what was going on in the rooms next-door. Her bathroom had shared a wall with Della’s room and the two had used to talk to each other late into the night that way. Now Holly lay and listened to Peter. At first he seemed to just move about the room, but finally he seemed to settle down. At first she thought he had gone to sleep, but she slowly began to make out the noise of a keyboard clicking away. She wondered a little what he was writing. But mostly she just smiled, rolled over and fell asleep listening to the noise.

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