S3, Ep 11, Sc 3: The Present

Holly poured herself a mug of coffee and carried it into the living room. She took a seat on the couch, got comfortable and pulled out her cellphone. There was no time like the present. She dialed McCall’s number.

It rang several times and she was just trying to figure out what she should say in the voice mail when he answered.


“Victor? This is Holly.”

“Holly, it’s good to talk to you again. I hope everything is going well with the film?”

“Yes. We’re on break for Christmas though. Starting up again in late January.”

“I heard something about an incident on set? The director said you hit Frank?”

“It was in a scene. I got a bit…carried away.”

“I hope Frank doesn’t hold a grudge. If there’s a problem let me know and I’ll talk to him.”

“Thanks.” Holly took a sip of coffee and martialed her thoughts. “I was wondering when you’re coming back to LA?”

“Probably the second week in January. I’m almost done with all my work here and the merger is about ready to be officially announced.”

“Do you think when you get back we could have a private talk?”

“Of course. Is there something wrong?”

“I have some,” Holly hesitated, searching for the right word, “concerns. And I’d rather not discuss them on the phone. I hoped you could put my mind at ease about a problem I have.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it now?”

“No, it’s really a face to face conversation.”

“Alright,” said Victor, but she could hear the curiosity in his voice. “Well I’m flying in late the 13th; we could talk the next day?”

The doorbell rang and Holly glanced up. “Sounds good. I’ll see you then. Someone’s at the door though so I have to go.”

“Of course. It was good to talk to you Holly.”

Holly hung up, set her phone and mug on the coffee table and hurried to answer the door. She opened it and then stared at the person on the doorstep. “Evelyn?”

The woman smiled, but somehow she didn’t appear quite her lively self. “Would you mind if I come in dear?”

“Of course not.” Holly stepped aside and let her enter. “Would you like to sit down in the living room?’

“Yes please.”

Holly led the way. They each took seats across from one another and there was an awkward pause. Holly couldn’t think of anything to say, though she searched desperately in her mind for something. She looked up hopefully as Evelyn cleared her throat.

“I’m terrible at this sort of thing so you’ll just have to bear with me,” said Evelyn. “I’m afraid I need to apologize.”


“Yes. I’ve felt awful. I dropped by Christmas Eve to talk but you weren’t in.”

“I was out of town.”

“Well I’m glad you’re back now because it would have been dreadful to start the New Year this way. I let you down and I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself. Peter was right of course, all the advice I gave you, persuading you to leave Homestead and recommending Eleanor to you, it was the advice to have a career like I had, without giving any thought to the possibility that you might not want that. Then I jump on you for the car crash without listening to you and scold you for going out as if it were even my place to do so. We were friends Holly and I should have supported you better, talked less and listened to you more. You’ve probably noticed by now, that listening isn’t my strong suit. Matilda has told me that countless times but I’ve never listened to her. So there you have it.”

By the time Evelyn was done, Holly was smiling. “I know I haven’t been at my best lately either. After all I punched Frank not too long ago, I can’t be thinking too straight.”

“Oh did you? That’s brilliant. There’s a young man that could use a few punches.”

“Actually he was the one that leaked the photographs of the crash.”

“Was he? I wouldn’t mind giving him a good slap for that myself then,” said Evelyn.

Holly laughed. “I did it undercover of shooting a scene. You might have more difficulty finding an excuse.”

“Who needs an excuse? That man could also use a good talking to.”

“But I’d rather he not know I punched him on purpose. It might make the rest of filming rather awkward.”

“I’ll just wait then till a good excuse comes along. Knowing him it’s sure to be sooner rather than later. Now, how would you feel about going to get brunch? I want to know everything that’s being going on with you while I was off being foolish.”

“Everything?” asked Holly, meaningfully.

Evelyn studied her for a long minute before nodding. “Everything. And I promise to listen and be supportive. As well as I can. Again I refer you to Matilda’s description of my listening skills.”

Holly laughed. “Fair enough. Let’s go then.”

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