S3, Ep 13, Sc 2: The Issue

Holly couldn’t quite explain, even to herself, why she was so upset. Logically, she should move on. She hadn’t really known Lionel. She knew Grant, but they were hardly close and it would be easy to simply have as little to do with him as possible in the future. And yet, each time she resolved in her head to forget about the whole thing and move on, she started worrying about it again. She had gotten Linda’s number from Clint and tried to call the woman a few times but had never gotten through. Linda clearly had washed her hands of the whole affair. Just as Holly herself should. After all it was what Peter wanted.

Peter hadn’t said so exactly, but she knew he was worried for her. He didn’t put it into words but when she’d told him about Linda, he had instantly asked if Linda had mentioned whether she had said anything about Holly to Grant.

“She didn’t say.” Holly watched as Peter paced. “I didn’t think to ask.”

He had glanced at her and she could read his expression. He was vacillating between sharing his fears and not wanting to worry her. He decided on the latter and she chose not to tell him she was perfectly aware of his worries.

She wished she could drop the whole thing. But it wasn’t that easy. It all just felt horribly wrong. Lionel was dead. And every single sign pointed to it being deliberate. They knew it. They knew it and they’d seen the proof and turning a blind eye couldn’t be the right thing to do. It couldn’t be moral.

It all made her feel angry and resentful. This shouldn’t happen. Nothing should have ended up this way. Lionel shouldn’t be dead. He shouldn’t have blackmailed anyone. She shouldn’t have found that gun. Alan shouldn’t have shot Layla. Everything should have been simpler and happier. It was halfway through the week that she realized perhaps she wasn’t just upset about Lionel.

But that realization didn’t help much. She was still stuck in the same spot, with the same problem, and no clear solution. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do let alone what should be done. She’d discussed with Peter going to the police anyways, but there hadn’t seemed much point without any proof. She, Clint and Peter could all act as witnesses to having seen the folder, she could repeat what Linda had said, but were the police even likely to hear them out? Especially when they were so sure that Lionel’s death had been a mugging? She wasn’t sure if her connection with Alan and his connection with the blackmail would make her story more or less believable.

Whatever she decided on, she knew a decision had to be made. The week had been a long and torturous one. Work had been nearly impossible, with flubs and missed lines and a frosty relationship with Frank just making it harder. She slept poorly, tossing and turning most nights, going over everything again and again. She needed to figure out what the right thing to do was.

She was dressing, rather reluctantly, for Nikki’s premiere that Friday afternoon. Dressing up in a fancy evening gown, and facing the red carpet and crowds of people was the last thing she wanted to do, but when she had called Nikki to get out of it, she had heard a certain underlining panic in Nikki’s voice that had told her perhaps her friend needed her right now. Holly was doing her best to fix her hair somehow, trying to remember how to recreate a particular hairstyle. She should have called Evelyn to help but she hadn’t quite figured out how or if she wanted to explain to her about Lionel and Grant, and Evelyn was sure to figure out something was troubling Holly and badger it out of her over the course of the afternoon, so Holly had decided to make do on her own.

Her cellphone rang and Holly let go of her hair to answer it.

“Hello Holly? It’s Victor. I’ve just landed at LAX.”

“Victor! It’s so good to hear from you. Thank you for calling.”

“Of course. When we talked last you sound worried. You said you wanted to talk. How would this evening be? I could drop by.”

“Oh! I’d love that! Could you- dang it! I have to go to Nikki Steele’s premiere. I promised her and I think she’s worried about it. I have to leave in about an hour. But I really do need to talk to you. It’s very important.”

“I could come by your house afterwards if you like,” suggested Victor. “I have some work I can do. I could finish it up and see you then?”

Holly let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you,” she said sincerely. “You have no idea. Thank you so much.”

After hanging up, she faced herself in the mirror and smiled. Talking to Victor would help.

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  1. schn00dles says:

    I hope Victor isn’t involved.

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