S4, Ep 1, Sc 3: The Sabotage

They had a pleasant time together. Holly wasn’t sure they were completely okay, she sensed that she had hurt Amy’s feelings more than Amy was quite willing to admit, but they were headed in that direction. They both would have been happy if she had stayed all day, but eventually her watch reminded her that it was time to head back if she wanted to get to the set on time. There was no reason to give Henry a legitimate reason to be annoyed with her.

She said good-bye to Amy, made plans to meet up again soon and got back on the highway. She was happy and relieved that had gone so well. She knew she should have tried to talk to Amy sooner but she’d kept putting it off, afraid Amy wasn’t going to accept her apology. But of course she had, Holly thought smiling to herself, because Amy was like that.

Her spirits feeling higher than they had in a long time, she parked outside the set and, with a spring to her step, headed into the warehouse.

Almost immediately she could tell something was wrong. She could hear Henry’s voice and he sounded decidedly ticked off. She checked her watch to make sure it couldn’t be because she was late, and then headed over to see what was up.

Henry was talking on the phone and pacing. “There’s a contract so if she thinks she can just-, wait what? You’ve got to be kidding me? She’s three years out of school and she’s suddenly put in charge of-,”

Peter was standing to one side, watching with a certain amount of concern mixed with amusement. Holly sidled up to him.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Oh hey. You’re back. How was Amy?”

“Good. Really good. I’m glad I went.”

Peter nodded and smiled.

“What’s got Henry all excited?”

“The costume designer quit.”

“Rilla? Why?”

“Apparently she got offered a job working with a studio on a very big film. Head of the costumes. It was a really big offer.”

Holly frowned. “Isn’t this like the third person to have received an ‘oh so amazing, completely unexpected’ job offer? First it was the original cinematographer, then the line producer and now our costume designer?”

“Yes, Henry has already mentioned that.”

“Oh.” There was a beat. “It’s not a coincidence is it?”

Peter shrugged. “Hard to say. But it does raise some questions.”

“No it doesn’t,” said Henry, coming towards them, stuffing his cellphone into his pocket. “It’s not a question anymore. It’s a fact. That call just clinched it.”

“What do you mean?”

“The amazing job Rilla’s left us for? The film is being produced by Montell studios. Malcolm is actively trying to sabotage my ability to make this film.” Henry glared and met Peter’s eye and the latter frowned back. Holly sensed some unspoken argument between the two of them and a twinge of suspicion told her it was probably about herself.

Henry sighed and shook his head, apparently relenting. “At least we’re set for the next couple of shoots, but we’re going to have to find someone to take over for her and fast. I’d better start making some calls.”

Holly watched him walk away. “He’s right you know. This is my fault.”

“He didn’t say that.”

She turned to Peter and rolled her eyes. “He didn’t have to. The only reason Malcolm would try to halt production is because Henry cast me in his film after Grant made it perfectly clear he wanted me out of Hollywood. Sometimes I wonder…”


“If I should have just left after I wrote the article.”

“No. Holly you have a right to be here. And Grant does not have a right to drive you out.” He nodded towards Henry’s retreating back. “He’s not giving you a hard time is he?”

“No. No, not at all,” said Holly quickly. Perhaps a little too quickly because Peter looked skeptical. “I just feel a little bad about messing up his movie.”

“He’ll live,” said Peter with a shrug. “He’s made plenty.”

Holly smiled. It didn’t make her feel much better about but she appreciated the gesture. “Thank you Peter. Well I’d better go get ready for the scene. I don’t think Henry would react well to delays at this point. You’ll be around?”

“Of course.”

“See you later then.” She walked away.

Peter found a seat near the filming and got comfortable. He’d be there for the rest of the day.

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