S4, Ep 2, Sc 3: The Appointment

Holly sat in a large waiting room engulfed in a cushioned armchair. She was feeling distinctly uncomfortable and didn’t want to be there. She glanced over at Henry, who was flipping through a magazine and looking frustratingly relaxed. It annoyed her more since it was after all his fault that they were there to begin with.

The call had come through on Monday. Holly had been on set, trying to concentrate on the pages of script in her hand, rehearsing the lines while there was general chaos around her as several crew members switched out two large, heavy prop pieces.

“Excuse me?”

Holly looked up and smiled at Phryne. “Am I supposed to be somewhere?”

“Henry has asked to see you.” said Phryne quickly. Phryne almost always said things quickly, as if she were afraid she’d lose the nerve if she didn’t rush into them.

“Oh. Alright.” Holly set down the script and gone to find him.

Henry had actually smiled when he saw her. She wasn’t sure if that was a good sign, or a very, very bad one.

“Holly! Great. I need to talk to you. I just got off the phone with Gloria Stanhope. Do you know her?”

“Never heard of her before in my life. Who is she?”

“She’s rapidly becoming a big name in Hollywood. She was part of the Montell Studio merger and she’s on the board of Montell Connected Studios, so I admit I was surprised to hear from her.”

“If she works with Grant then I doubt she had anything very nice to say.”

“Actually she was really supportive,” said Henry. “I was surprised too, but she talked about maybe getting us a distribution deal with a studio she has some connections with.”

“That was awfully helpful of her given that the film isn’t even done yet.”

“Well,” Henry shrugged, “I do have a fairly good track record with my films…”

“But you yourself said that she works with Grant now. You really believe that he isn’t somehow behind her call?”

“We can ask when we meet her on Wednesday.”


“She asked for a meeting with me and you.”

“Why on earth with me?”

“This is Antigone and you are the one playing Antigone. It’s not surprising that she’d like to meet the star.”

“Henry I don’t know about this. I think it’s a bit strange that this has come out of the middle of nowhere.”

“Maybe. But it’s at least worth checking out. If we could get a distributor lined up that would be huge. I’ve put out feelers to several people I thought would always be thrilled to work together and with whom I’ve had excellent working relationships with in the past and I’ve gotten nothing back. If Gloria wants to work with us for whatever motives, I say we at least talk it out with her.”


“We’re going on Wednesday.”

Holly let out a sigh of exasperation and then shrugged. It was his call after all, no matter how much she didn’t like it.

Which was why they were now sitting in this waiting room, Gloria’s secretary across from them at her desk, waiting for twelve o’clock and their appointment to start.

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