S4, Ep 3, Sc 2: The Fight

Grant waited until he was back in his office, a large, spacious room full of leather and mahogany furniture, before he let his mind start to deal with the problem.

He poured himself a drink and sat down at the desk, leaning back to gaze up at the ceiling. What Gloria’s aim was, he wasn’t sure yet. If she had had proof of the leak she would have taken it straight to the other board members. But instead she had gone to him. Probably because she wasn’t certain. She had been trying to sound him out. Grant played the conversation again through his head and was satisfied he’d given nothing away.

Still she wasn’t likely to give up on this. She’d pursue it as long as she thought it might be useful. And if she could sow the seeds of doubt…well real trouble could be caused.

Frank wasn’t the problem. He doubted very much that Frank had come up with the story on his own and Frank certainly didn’t have any proof. If he had had proof, or if the man had even believed the story himself, he would have taken it straight to the tabloids. But he didn’t have the imagination to make it up either.

No. Once again it was Holly. Grant felt a wave of frustration. The girl just couldn’t leave well enough alone. She must have been talking to Frank. Which Grant hadn’t expected given what the director had told him about their last weeks on Cold Wars together but obviously that hadn’t prevented Holly from spreading the story. She was determined to do as much as damage as she could, wherever she could, apparently. He had hoped Victor might have cautioned her after their talk at the reception. But apparently not.

He took a sip of his drink and set it aside. What exactly was Holly playing at? What did she really want at this point? That’s what he truly wanted to know but unfortunately at the moment he had no way to find out. He briefly toyed with the idea of having a meeting with Holly herself but instantly rejected it. Even if she agreed to the meeting it wouldn’t do any good. She clearly wasn’t interested in reason.

Victor was also unfortunately out of the question. At least at the moment. Not enough had changed since the reception for Grant expect their talk would go any differently. Who else was there? He searched his memory for the various people who had made their way into Holly’s circle. There was Evelyn Martin. He had to chuckle at the thought of even considering to approach her. That woman was unpredictable at the best of times. Peter Glades…under other circumstances he might have tried sounding out Peter but the man probably wouldn’t feel very friendly towards him given that he’d helped keep Alan out of prison.

No, Grant sighed in frustration. There wasn’t an obvious person to turn to. However…Linda Atwood had mentioned that paparazzo had been around with Holly when they’d found Lionel’s laptop. What was his name? Clint…something. Grant turned to his computer and pulled up the file he had had compiled on him after Linda’s visit. Yes, now he remembered, Clint Morgan. And he was dating that singer wasn’t he? The singer who just happened to be friends with Holly. Yes, there might be a possibility there.

He nodded thoughtfully to himself, as an idea started to form.

Grant flicked on his intercom.

“Yes Mr. Grant?” his secretary’s voice responded.

“I want you to find the number of that reporter we have on file. Tobin Makem. Call him up and put him through to me when you’ve got him.”

“Yes sir.”

Satisfied, Grant leaned back again his chair. Tobin knew everyone in tabloid and magazine world and he’d know Clint. And more importantly, he’d know what Clint wanted, after all everyone wanted something.

While his secretary took care of the number, he would move on to another idea. He picked up his telephone receiver and dialed the number of Rilla French. It was time to remind Holly the dangers of pushing this fight.


Author’s Note: The next couple of weeks, the updates might be a little late. My sister is visiting (yay!) and my schedule is going to be a lot more unpredictable because of that. I still expect to post Tuesday and Friday…it just might be later in the day then normal. 🙂

Happy Easter everyone!

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