S4, Ep 3, Sc 3: The Fairness

Henry swore loudly.

Peter raised his eyebrows and glanced away from Holly. “Oh boy.”

He and Holly were sitting on set and had been chatting when the explicative sounded. Holly’s laugh faded and she turned to look in the direction of the sound as well.

“What do you think has happened now?” she asked.

Peter shrugged. “I suppose we’d better find out.” Holly followed him reluctantly towards the source of the noise. Henry was apparently still swearing, although not quite as loudly now and he was typing furiously on his phone. Several people were standing nearby watching him anxiously. “Henry, what’s up?”

Henry swore several more times.

“Henry!” Peter raised his voice. “What’s going on?”

“What’s wrong?” Henry stopped pacing and turned. “I’m sick and tired of this, that’s what’s wrong. You know what’s happened now? Every single scene is being filmed on this set. Every scene except one. Antigone’s last scene. It’s pivotal to the film and I found the perfect location for it.”

“So why are you swearing?”

“Because this perfect location, the one we’re supposed to be filming at in two days? The manager just called me and canceled.”


“And now we have nowhere to film. That location was perfect. It fit the tone and mood of the scene and now what are we going to do? We don’t have the capabilities to do the scene on this set.”

“We could always find another location couldn’t we?” suggested Holly.

“Right. Because in two days it’s so easy to find a place that not only fits with the rest of the film but that also isn’t booked on such short notice.” Henry rolled his eyes. “Do you have any comprehension of the number of factors that have to be taken into account when choosing a location? Size. Color. Lighting. Logistics.”

“Could we postpone it a little?”

“I already have the extra equipment rented and moving trucks booked, not to mention the extras. It’s going to cost money to postpone. Which would be fine if this was the one hiccup in our schedule. But no. We keep getting slowed down every time we lose people. So we can’t just ‘postpone it a little’ and hope everything turns okay.”

“I’m sorry. I was just trying to help.”

“Well don’t. You’ve certainly done enough alright.” Henry turned back to his phone and walked away.

Holly crossed her arms and tried not to feel self-conscious at the various people standing around, shooting her sidelong glances.

“Holly, I’m sorry.”

She glanced over at Peter and relaxed a little. “Why should you be sorry? Anyways.” She shrugged. “It’s no big deal. I should go get ready for the next scene.”

Peter watched her walk away and then turned and headed after Henry. Henry had gone outside and was leaning against a large crate, phone still in hand.

“What was that all about?”

“I’m sorry Peter, but I’m seriously frustrated right now.”

“Sure. I get that. But that’s not Holly’s fault. There’s no need to snap her head off like that.”

Henry laughed. “Right. Not her fault. Because this has been the worst luck I’ve ever had on any project and it has nothing to do with the fact that Grant has it out for her.”

“You really think he’s also responsible for the location falling through?”

“Yes. I do.”

“Alright. So you’re taking it on her because you blame her for the fact that Grant’s playing dirty. That’s not entirely fair.”

“I lost my temper one time. In case you didn’t realize, this is a rather stressful situation.”

“Oh I realize. And despite what both you and Holly seem to think, I also realize you’ve been rude and abrasive to her since filming started. Which was also before people started quitting. So frankly I think the real reason you’ve been a jerk to her is because I forced you to cast her and you resent her for that. Which certainly isn’t fair to her at all because she doesn’t know that. All she thinks happened is that I suggested her name and you were interested.”

“Come on Peter. You really want to have this conversation?”

“Obviously we have to because it’s not fair to Holly that she’s getting stuck in the middle of it.”

“Fair to Holly? Right.” Henry rolled his eyes. “Peter how can you be so ridiculously blind, twice?”

“What are you talking about?”

“She is using you! Exactly like Layla did. That’s why I don’t like her! It’s the same thing all over again and I hate it.”

Peter stared at him for a second and then actually laughed. “You think Holly is like Layla? Seriously?”

Henry pushed himself off form the crate and began to pace in front of Peter. “She is manipulating you in exactly the same way. She just wants to save her career and she figures you she can get you to help.”

“I met Holly before I could even help myself let alone her. I was playing a supporting role in Crocodiles in Space. Do you have any idea how humiliating that was? I was alone in Hollywood and quite frankly pretty alone in my life with the exception of Matt. And you know what Holly did? She stuck by me. She was my friend when there was nothing to get out of it. No money, no connections and some very bad PR. So trust me Henry, she is nothing like Layla ever was, because Layla would never have done that.”

“She dated Alan Ryder. How can that not bother you?”

“People make mistakes. Sometimes we love someone we shouldn’t. Didn’t you try to tell me about Layla? And didn’t I not listen to you?”


“Right. I made a mistake. And so did Holly.”

“Or you’re just making the same one again.”

“Or maybe I know her better and longer than you do.”

“Or you’re just seeing what you want to see!”

“No! Holly. Isn’t. Layla. And that’s the end of it. So stop punishing her for something she didn’t do.” With that, Peter walked away.



AN: I am so, so sorry for the unexpected delay. I got my computer to turn back on last week but only just figured out how to get it back online. Between that and spending lots of (awesome) time with my sister, I was very very bad about updating. But we’re back on track now!

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