S4, Ep 3, Sc 4: The Temptation

Left alone, Henry shook his head and tried to turn his attention back to his phone and the issue at hand but he found he couldn’t concentrate. He probably should have known better. He’d tried to warn Peter once about Layla. It had been shortly after Layla had tried to make a move on him and Henry had decided it was absolutely time necessary to say something about it to Peter.

Before the wedding Layla had been pretty careful around Henry. A couple of people had warned him, wanting him to have a few words about her with Peter, but Henry had never seen anything wrong with her. Sure, they were young to get married, but he and Peter had been young for a lot of things that had happened to them and they had gotten through it okay. So Henry had been nothing but supportive of the engagement.

It had been something of a shock afterwards when he slowed figured Layla out. When he saw that those people and their warnings had been right, he’d tried ignore it as long as possible. But then that night when she had come onto him…

Afterwards he had personally apologized to everyone of those people who had tried to let him know about her. But of course by then the damage had been done. To Peter and to their friendship. Henry had let him down. He’d known it and yet he’d still let him down a second time too.

He winced as he remembered the trial and subsequent ordeal of working alongside Peter immediately afterwards.

Yes, the conversation about Layla hadn’t gone well. Peter hadn’t spoken to him for a week. So he supposed he should be grateful that this one about Holly hadn’t gone any worse.

He was also starting to feel a little foolish for storming out here and snapping at Holly in front of the crew. He would have liked to think he was a little more professional than that, but apparently not.

Henry headed back into the warehouse, nodded to couple of the cameramen who were shooting him surreptitious looks and talking in low voices (it didn’t take a genius to figure out who they were talking about) and then spotted Holly across the room. She was getting her makeup done. Henry frowned.

Maybe Peter was right about her. Maybe she really was different. But what if she wasn’t? Henry wasn’t sure either he or Peter could go through that again.

He resolved that he would make the same mistakes again. Whatever Peter said or tried to convince himself of, it was obvious he loved Holly. Henry had known him too long and too well to doubt that. Maybe Holly hadn’t asked Peter to get her this part but she had been happy to accept it. How the whole mess end well? And Peter just didn’t have a good track record of being smart where love was concerned.

His cellphone rang and he fished it out of his pocket.


“Henry. It’s Malcolm Grant.”

Somehow Henry wasn’t surprised. Subconsciously he’d been expecting this call since the day he agreed to cast Holly.

“Grant.” I think I know why you’re calling.” Resist the temptation. You promised Peter. “I doubt I’ll be able to help you.”

“Actually I was hoping I could help you. Would you mind coming by my office tomorrow? I want to talk to you about a new project.”

Just say no. What’s the point of seeing him in person. You know what it’s all going to come down too and you also know you’ve got to say no. Except…what if it’s not about Holly? You’ve worked with Grant before after all. Perhaps he really does just want to talk about a project with you?

Even though he didn’t really believe that he found his curiosity getting the better of him.

“I suppose I could do that…”

“Tomorrow?” pressed Grant.

Henry rubbed his forehead and sighed. “Alright.”


“Yeah. Ten will work.” Henry hung up feeling guilty.

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