S4, Ep 4, Sc 1: The Cancellation

The call didn’t come in until the next morning that filming had been canceled. Already about ready to head out the door when the call came, Holly frowned and set down her purse. She wondered briefly if Henry not telling her until the last minute was supposed to be some sort of slight. It was also strange he was canceling given his outburst at how it would be expensive to delay filming with their location falling through.

Peter had apologized for Henry’s behavior and while she appreciated the thought it didn’t mean much. Henry didn’t like her, that was the problem,…and perhaps he had a point. This was his film and her presence in it was certainly causing trouble.

Maybe she should just quit. It struck her suddenly how much her heart just wasn’t in it. Maybe she wouldn’t just be making Henry happy by leaving the the film.

Except it was too late for that wasn’t it? With the amount already filmed the budget couldn’t afford to recast at this point and money had already been lost on delays.

Alright, so quitting was out. So what else what there to do? Just push through and finish the film, dealing with whatever Grant did next to sabotage it, until the final product was just one big bungled mess and then what? She was acutely aware she didn’t even have the possibility of a job lined up for after Antigone wrapped. And not even Peter could convince Henry, or anyone else for that matter, to cast her in another project after this one, and that was despite a lot of people owing Peter a lot of favors. Besides, she didn’t want him calling in those favors on her behalf. She knew she owed him for this part, and she was understanding more every day how reluctant Henry must have been when he asked. But she didn’t want him to do it again.

So after the filming stopped and she got her last paycheck…what was she going to do? This house wasn’t cheap. She had some savings but she’d been counting on the pay from Cold Wars when she moved in here. And Henry wasn’t paying nearly as much as that had been.

The movie was going nowhere, furiously fast and from where she was standing her options looked few.

That doesn’t mean you have to lie down and take it, she thought, Grant’s wants to make this movie the battlefield, give him a fight.

“Easier said then done,” she said aloud. What exactly was she supposed to do? Or rather, what could she do?

Impulsively, Holly picked up her purse and headed out. If she didn’t know the answer to that, she’d have to find someone who did.

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