S4, Ep 5, Sc 1: The Trucks

Holly arrived on set early and excited. She had spent most of the day yesterday at McCall’s, the two going over options and when she had gotten home she had continued working, compiling names and ideas. She was excited to present them all to Henry. She expected he’d take a little talking round just because he was unlikely to be thrilled about listening to any suggestions that came from her, but that was why McCall was coming this morning. Henry would hear her out if McCall was on her side. If nothing else, he’d see that Victor was a good ally to have against Grant.

There was some confusion on set. The moving trucks had arrived to carry the equipment and costumes to the filming location and no one seemed sure what to do with them.

“Henry hasn’t showed up yet,” said Phryne, “and we just don’t know if he has plans for the trucks or if we should let them go and try to save some money.”

Holly checked her watch. “Henry should be here soon. Besides, I think it’s just possible we might have a back up location.”

“Really? Where?”

“I need to talk to Henry first. See what he says.”

“So we should leave the cameras packed then? Not set up for filming here?”

Holly sighed, wishing Henry would get here already. “I don’t know. I mean we should probably wait. Henry wanted to film the on-location scenes today and I do think there’s a good chance we’ll still do them.”

She heard her name and turned to see McCall walking towards her.

“Excuse me Phryne. I’ll talk to you later.” She hurried over to McCall.

“Is Henry here yet?” he asked.

“No. He’s not but there seems to be general confusion. The moving trucks are here for the equipment and no one knows whether to load them up or not. Suppose Henry doesn’t want to film at your place?”

“Well since he has to make the final call on what to film if you stay here today, it makes sense to just wait for him to make the decision about the trucks. If he hasn’t given instructions then it’s on him if time is lost. No one here has to worry. Come on. Let’s find someplace to sit down and wait for him. There’s no reason to be nervous.” He said this for her benefit, noticing the way she was twisting her purse with her hands.

The two sat and waited. They waited for nearly an hour. The confusion on set kept growing. Several calls were made to Henry and none of them were answered. Holly was starting to get worried.

“Do you think something’s happened to him?” she asked. “He’s never been this late before. He’s usually the first one here.”

“This is LA. Bad traffic is inevitable,” said McCall, “and there are countless reasons why he might not have called.”

“Of course.” She smiled a little sheepishly. “I suppose I’m just a little tense. Last night I kept going over and over again what we were going to say.”

“We have a plan to help save his movie,” said McCall. “He should be grateful. He is also a reasonable man. I’m sure he’ll be glad for the help.”

“I know. But I haven’t been his favorite person. He’s got a problem with me. I just hope we can move past that.”

The sound around them suddenly increased in volume and Holly craned her neck to figure out why. Henry had finally showed up. People were hurrying up to him asking questions, several of them gesturing towards the moving trucks.

“There he is,” said McCall. “Let’s go.”

He and Holly stood up and crossed the room to Henry.

“No, send the movers away,” Henry was saying, “I’ll just write out the check for them-”

“Wait a second,” said Holly and soon as she was nearby. “Don’t send them away!”

Henry turned to her surprised. “Holly! What do mean? The longer they’re here the more it’s going to cost and since our location fell through-”

“Could we talk to you for a minute? In private?”

“We? Oh Victor. What are you doing here?”

“Holly and I have something to discuss with you. It won’t take very long and if you want you can send the movers away afterwards.”

Henry hesitated and then nodded. “Okay. Let’s go over here.” He lead them to an old, dingy office that was on one side of the warehouse. It was rundown and mildewed and no one had wanted to use it when the production had set up shop in the warehouse. “What’s this all about?”

Holly glanced over at McCall, expecting him to start but he seemed to want her to lead the discussion. He have her an encouraging nod.

“First off, we have a new filming location. If you like it of course.”

“What? Where?”

“McCall’s house. He has a veranda and it’s perfect. The view is even better than the one we had and the tiling and furniture fits in perfectly with the aesthetics of the rest of the film. And he’s alright with letting us film there. So you don’t have to lose money on the movers or any of the things you rented or anything else.”

“It is a good location,” said McCall. “It’s large enough for a film crew and it does look picturesque. I’ve brought some photos on my phone if you’d like to take a look. They don’t quite do the place justice but they should give you an idea on whether or not it would fit the film.”

Henry took the phone and swiped through the photographs. “It does look ideal,” he agreed at last.

“That’s perfect!” said Holly excitedly. “I’m so glad you like it.”

“I do but-”

“There’s something else we want to talk to you about too then. McCall and I were thinking about Grant.”

“Grant?” Henry looked up sharply.

“Yes. And a way we can combat him and what he’s trying to do to this movie. First off, I think I may have figured out a way around our lack of a costume designer. I know someone. She’s very good and I trust her. If she agrees to do it, she’s not going to leave just because Grant offers her a better job.”

It seemed that Henry winced slightly at this but she ignored it and pushed on.

“And McCall also has some promotional ideas. Ways we can sell the film and this production that should be able to attract public interest in the movie. They’re really good ideas and I think if you’d let us go over them with you, you’ll be interested. It’ll take some time to go over everything, so you might want to start the day’s work and then after filming we three could go get dinner and talk everything over-”


“Oh. Okay. Well now is also good. I wrote some things down…” She started fishing into her purse.

“I mean no period. Not now, not later.”

“Henry,” said McCall, “Look here. They’re good ideas and your film needs them.”

“You misunderstand. I appreciate your help Victor. Really I do. But it’s not important now.”

“Why not?”

“Because…” Henry looked away. “I came here today to shut down filming. Antigone isn’t going to be completed.”

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2 Responses to S4, Ep 5, Sc 1: The Trucks

  1. Keith says:

    “I came here today it shut down filming.
    “I came here today TO shut down filming.

    What’s going to happen next? I can hardly wait!

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