S4, Ep 6, Sc 3: The Confidence

Holly laughed. “You didn’t?”

“I did. They had to redo all the costumes and Henry ended up missing his flight. He was furious.” Peter filled both their wine glasses back up. “And he missed the whole awards ceremony since a thunder storm grounded the next day flights as well.”

“I can’t say I feel too sorry for him right now.”

Peter chuckled. “I can’t say I do either.” He turned more serious. “I am sorry Holly. I feel responsible-”

“You shouldn’t. This isn’t your fault. You can’t control what Henry does.”

“But I am responsible for you getting involved in the film. I just never thought he would do something so…” He searched for a word that would properly sum up the depths he felt Henry’s actions deserved but Holly stopped him.

“Peter, I don’t want you wrecking your friendship with him over this.”

“Honestly when he told me he was going to stop filming I wanted to break his nose again.”

“He just wants what’s best for you.”

Peter blinked and turned to her startled. “How did you-”

She rolled her eyes. “I have a pretty good idea why Henry doesn’t like me. And that’s okay. So please Peter, don’t hold this against him because of me. I don’t want you to have to lose any more friendships.”

“Having lost them before I’ve learned not to care about those friendships,” he said. He was looking at her strangely and it caught her attention, she told herself that it was trying to decipher what the look meant that lead her to stare back at him. Or maybe it was the wine. She should have felt uncomfortable. But for some reason she didn’t.

He’d come over earlier that evening to talk things over with her about the film and about what she was going to do next. She couldn’t remember now who had suggested the wine. Perhaps it had been a bad idea.

The doorbell rang.

Surprised, Holly set down her glass and got up to answer it. She felt oddly that some important moment had just passed but she wasn’t certain if she’d missed it or not.

She opened the front door and smiled. “McCall! What are you doing here?”

“I have some news.”

“Come on in. Peter’s in the living room. You can join us.”

McCall looked a little surprised but greeted Peter warmly.

“Would you like a glass?” she asked, nodding towards the bottle.

“No thank you. I’m driving. I came by to show you this.” McCall handed Holly a thick sheaf of paper. She glanced over it but could only take in a jumble of legal jargon.

“What is this?”

“It’s the rights to Antigone.”

“What?” Peter stood up and came to look over Holly’s shoulder. “Henry sold it to you?”

“Not exactly. He sold it to Montell Connected Studios. Which, thanks to Gloria Stanhope’s maneuvering, in turn sold it to me.”

“You bought the movie?” Holly stared at him. “That must have been expensive.”

“Not more then I could afford,” said McCall. “Besides, the movie will make it all back.”


“By doing everything you and I talked about before Henry left the project. Nothing’s changed except we’ll need to find a new director for the rest of the scenes.”

Holly suddenly felt the need to sit down, still clutching the papers. “You own the whole film?”

“Everything. Look, I won’t pretend this is going to be easy. But I believe we can do this. If you want to.” McCall sat down so he was level with her. “So do you? Want to?”

She stared down at the papers in her hand and then over at Peter. He was watching her, waiting. She turned back to McCall and slowly smiled.

“I bet Grant wasn’t too happy about this,” she said, gesturing to the contract.

McCall’s mouth twitched. “I don’t think he knows yet. But when he hears about it…no. I don’t expect he will be.”

“Well…I suppose we’d better find a director pretty fast. We don’t want him to threaten all the good ones off.” She grinned.

Peter let out a low whistle. “You two are really doing this?”

“Of course we are,” said McCall. “And we’re going to succeed.”

“I’ll say we are,” said Holly, much more confidently than she actually felt.

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2 Responses to S4, Ep 6, Sc 3: The Confidence

  1. Keith says:


    McCall sat down so he was level wit her.
    McCall sat down so he was level WITH her.

    Now they need to move FAST to contact all the people Henry told that the film was over before they move on to new projects.

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