S4, Ep 8, Sc 1: The List

“Come on Phryne. There’s no reason to be shy. If there’s one person you can trust, it’s McCall.” Holly gave the girl a reassuring smile as the two of them headed across the set.

“You don’t need me for this,” said Phryne, a certain note of pleading in her voice. “You can say everything that needs to be said and so much better than I ever could.”

“That’s not true. This is all your work and you should present it.” She glanced at the alarmed look in Phryne’s face and amended, “Together. We should present it together.”

Phryne sighed but seemed a little reassured.

They found McCall in a corner of the building where he had set up a small table with a few chairs. He was working on his laptop but shut it as soon as the two of them approached.

“Hey,” Holly said. “Sorry we’re a little late. Walsh kept us working on the scene a little longer than I’d expected this morning.” She took a seat and Phryne followed suit.

“It’s alright. How do you like working with him?”

“I think he’s great. He’s got some great ideas. What do you think?”

“Yes,” said McCall. “I had a talk with him this morning. I think he’s going to do great work. He’s obviously talented as a director but all his time as an assistant director has given him excellent experience that should help him fit his scenes in with the work Henry has already done.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

McCall opened his mouth to say more but noticed Phryne shifting nervously in her seat and he smiled, shook his head as if to rearrange his thoughts and instead said, “But why don’t we get to the business at hand. You and Phryne have gone over the list of people and websites you think we should contact?”

“Yes,” said Holly. She handed him a sheet of paper. “Here are the names. We wanted to reach a wide range of people, trying to connect with different audiences. Phryne, do you want to walk McCall through the list?”

“I-,” Phryne gulped and nodded. “I mean, I can…”

“Great. Phryne is more familiar with all the names,” said Holly. “She’ll explain it better than I could.”

“Weeell,” said Phryne, drawing the word out as she tried to muster her thoughts. “If you look at the list, the first few are just basic websites, video hosts and bloggers who focus on films. People like Luke. As well as several online magazines. Also several fan groups and online film communities. But they are all going to have about the same audiences. So we also came up with some other types of content creators that we thought we could pitch the film to.”

“That makes sense.”

Phryne nodded, warming up to the task at hand now that she was speaking. “We thought it would be a really good idea to stress the fact that the film focuses so strongly on female characters and that the lead is a woman. Which leads us to the next section of the list which is predominantly online magazines, blogs and a couple of video channels that focus on feminist issues and women.”

“Phryne suggested the idea,” said Holly. “And the more I thought about it the more I liked it. I think it will fit in really well with the David and Goliath narrative we’re already to tell.”

“Absolutely,” agreed McCall.  “Hollywood is so predominantly male that many people will react on a powerful level to the image of this female driven film with a female actress as the face of its publicity, up against the big bad, mostly male-run studio. Tapping into that is brilliant. Well done Phryne.”

“Thank you.” The girl went pink and beamed.

“What else have you come up with?”

“We want to reach out to several communities who can focus on specific portions of the film making process.”

“What do you mean?”

“For instance makeup. There are tons of hugely popular video channels on the subject of makeup with huge audiences. If we could get some of those together with our makeup department, they could create some videos focusing on the makeup and styles used in the film. Holly could even be present for them to show the work on. It would be a way to reach a new audience while also raising awareness that the film is out there and happening so even though they might be talking so very much about the film specifically…”

“They would be talking about the film. I like it.”

“Really? Phryne beamed again. “Great! Well I thought we could do that for both hair and makeup and also figure something for the costumes. You can see several people I’ve suggested on the list. The final section are just various websites and channels who host guests which I think could be a great way to connect with some more varied groups.”

“That’s good work,” said Victor. “I think we should start reaching out to these people as soon as we can. We’re starting with Luke of course. His videos and the interview will be released first but we should start scheduling now.”

“Luke’s planning to come by this afternoon to shoot some onset footage,” said Holly.

“Good. We can set up a time for the interview then.”

“I guess I’ll start sending out emails to these people,” said Phryne, nodding at her own copy of the list. “There are a lot of names so I better get to work.”

Holly smiled as she watched Phryne walk away. “She was so nervous about presenting that to you.”

“She did well.”

“Is it a little patronizing that I feel kind of proud of her?”

McCall laughed. “I don’t think so. Especially since you suggested her for the project.”

“I do think she came up with some great ideas. Also once we’re ready to make the jump from independent sources to print and bigger news outlets, she had this really cool idea of reaching out to colleges and universities. The film is based on a Greek play after all. We could engage thousands of history classes with it. That’s a huge audience right there.”

“That is an idea that bears looking into it. But there is one problem that has occurred to me before that can happen.”

“What’s that?”

“Grant. Any one of these people we reach out to…he can offer them a lot. It wouldn’t be hard for him to pull them onto his side.”

“I have an idea for that.”

“What is it?”

Holly grinned. “I think you’re going to like it.”

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3 Responses to S4, Ep 8, Sc 1: The List

  1. Keith says:

    she had this really cool idea of reach out to colleges and universities
    she had this really cool idea of REACHING out to colleges and universities

    I can hardly wait to hear Holly’s idea.

    After a while it will occur to someone that colleges have film studies and women’s studies classes.

    Also, please look at my comments for S4, Ep 7, Sc 3: The Work

    • Holly(Woods) says:

      Thanks! Change made. True, there are certainly other classes that will be interested. I’ll have to give someone a line about that next time they discuss the colleges.

      Thanks also for pointing out your comment on the previous post. Not sure how I missed that the first time around.

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