S4, Ep 9, Sc 2: The Friend

Luke gave a small nod, almost as if he recognized that Holly had turned the question to her own advantage and some way respected her for it. “You’re clearly very passionate about this movie.”

“I am. I love the script, I love the people I’m working with and I love the character.”



“It’s special to have a film like this with a female lead.”

“I think so. It’s one of the things that drew me to it in the first place.” That and it was the only part I could get. Holly smiled.

“Is there anyone in particular that inspires you? Someone you compare Antigone to, to help you get in the part?”

“Actually, yes. Evelyn Martin. She’s a good friend and a great actress and there’s something so frank about her and I really wanted to capture that in the role of Antigone.”

“You worked with Evelyn on Homestead didn’t you?”

“Yes. It was my first real Hollywood job and without her I’m not sure I would have made it. She really taught me the ropes. Helped me to feel like I belonged on set.”

“Do you ever miss working on Homestead?”

“Oh.” Holly blinked. “I’m not sure I really-, it seems like ages ago but I suppose it really hasn’t been that long.”

“Your last year must have been a difficult one.”

“I suppose it was,” she agreed hesitantly. “Homestead was an easier time. There were some great people, like Evelyn, on set. But I don’t think I’d be happy there anymore.”

“Is there any plan for Evelyn to get involved in Antigone?”

“At the moment no. It would be wonderful to work with her again, but there’s not really opening for her.”

“How about Peter Glades?” If Luke felt at all awkward asking the question, he didn’t show it.

“Excuse me?”

“I’ve noticed him in a lot of the behind the scenes footage I’ve been filming on set. I was wondering if he’s got some role in the film or behind the camera.”

“Peter is a good friend of mine. That’s why he’s been on set.”

“That must be weird and difficult, given the year you’ve had.”

Holly sat there for a moment, studying Luke. She could get angry, defensive or shut the topic down. All of which appealed to her on an emotional level but on a rational one, she knew it wasn’t the way to take this.

The tabloids had already been running enough stories making snide insinuations. This was the first time someone had asked her outright about it. And after all, there wasn’t actually anything to be ashamed of. Changing the subject might make it look otherwise. Besides, somehow the idea of changing the topic felt like a denial of Peter, not giving him his due and it was time that changed.

She raised her chin a little and smiled.

“Not at all. The last year, it has been difficult. But it would have been a lot more so without Peter’s friendship. He’s been my friend and a good friend longer than anyone else here in LA, longer than even Evelyn. I met him out back of a restaurant. I was crying and he helped me. He didn’t even know my name but he made me feel better.”

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed McCall trying to hide a chuckle at his own memory of that dinner. She flushed a little but felt grateful he could remember it with humor at this point.

“There’s something very selfless about Peter. He does so much for you and asks for so little. So I understand how someone could look at our friendship from the outside and think it didn’t add up. I was engaged to Alan.”

She noticed Luke shift in his chair a little uneasily and she smiled. Obviously he hadn’t expected her to be quite so blunt.

“I don’t mind saying that, it’s the truth. I fell in love with someone I shouldn’t. People do it every day. So yes, I don’t blame anyone for raising a few eyebrows when they see me and Peter spending time together. But the only people who would do that are those who don’t know him. Because if they did, they would know that his friendship is worth so much more than awkwardness or embarrassment. It’s worth anything.”

There was a long beat. McCall’s eyebrows had risen and Luke was looking a little dumbfounded as if he’d just gotten a lot more than he’d expected.

“I-,that’s…awesome,” said Luke, flustered.

Holly laughed. Luke quickly glanced at his notes and hurried on to the next question.

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