S4, Ep 9, Sc 3: The Backup

They talked for nearly half an hour before Luke wrapped things up and shut off the camera.

“I hope I was alright,” said Holly, standing up as she watched him put his equipment into their various cases and bags.

“You were great. I think we got a great interview. We covered a lot of material that I think people will be interested in.”

“When do you think it will go online?” asked McCall, coming over now that they were done.

“Probably late next week or the one after. I’ll cut and edit the onset footage first and release some of that leading up to it. Build anticipation; get some word of mouth going in my viewer community.”

“By the way do you think you could send me a copy of the interview once you’ve uploaded it to your computer?” asked Holly. “I’d just like to watch it and see how I did. If you don’t mind.”

McCall glanced at her.

Luke shrugged. “Sure. I’ll send it to you tomorrow.”

“Great thanks.”

Luke swung his duffle bag over his shoulders and picked up his two carrying cases. Holly and McCall walked with him out front, shook hands, said goodbyes and waited until he drove away before turning to each other and smiling.

“I think that went well,” said McCall. “You were amazing.”

“You really think so?”

“Yes. That interview will be a good first step for our PR.”

“I hope so. I wish he wasn’t releasing the onset footage first though. I just hope Grant will find an online film critic to be beneath his notice.”

“You can’t be sure with Grant. He’s got a lot of pressure on him at the moment. Particularly from Gloria Stanhope. She’s scented blood and she’s going after him. And he knows Gloria doesn’t over look anything so he can’t afford to either. But we might be lucky here.”

“And if we’re not, we do have a back plan. One that I think could be very effective, all things considered.”

“And dangerous under the circumstances. Legal action could be taken.”

“I know. But it would attract attention and that is what we’re after.”

McCall suddenly looked serious. “Holly you understand that getting on the wrong side of Grant legally-”

“But I wouldn’t be on the wrong side of Grant. I’d be on the wrong side of Luke. And somehow I think Phryne would help me out in that situation. Look,” she said, reaching out for his arm. “Don’t worry about it. We probably won’t even need to do it. So we can worry about it if and when the situation arises.” She glanced at her watch. “Oh shoot. I have to go. I need to rush home and get changed, I promised Peter I’d go to a party with him tonight.”

“A party?”

“Yes.” She fiddled with her watch. “It’s work related. His work. I promised to go and help him have fun.”

“Fun? Ah well. Have a good time.”


He watched Holly wave goodbye and hurry to her car, and chuckled a little to himself. He supposed you never really knew.

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