S4, Ep 9, Sc 5: The Connection

Peter shrugged. “From what you’ve told that woman has always been a bit of a mystery.”

“I suppose you’re right.”

“LA is full of people who are constantly turning on a dime. Speaking of which…” he said, catching sight of something behind Holly’s shoulder.

Holly sensed movement behind her and turned around. Henry approached their table.

“Hello,” she said, smiling sweetly up at him. “Nice party isn’t it?”

Peter took a drink to keep himself from chuckling at the less than pleased expression on Henry’s face at her greeting.

“Sorry to interrupt,” said Henry, studiously ignoring Holly’s comment. “But you’re wanted Peter.”

“By whom?”

“The network wants us to talk to some of the journalists here. They’re waiting.”

“And they sent you to get me?”


“Shows how little they know.” Peter crossed his legs and leaned back comfortably in his seat. “Well you can tell them you’ve passed along the message.”

Henry sighed. “Come on. You know you’re going to talk to them, why not just get it over with?”

“Because I’ve decided to make it a game to see how long I can avoid it. I’m betting on an hour. Any takers?”

“I think you could at least drag it out for an hour and a half,” said Holly, “that is if you’re counting from the time we walked into the party.”

“Of course. That’s been what about twenty minutes-”

“Peter will you please just come now?” Henry snapped.

Peter raised an eyebrow and surveyed him. “What’s got you in such a foul mood?”

“Nothing. I’ve just had a very long day and I want to go home and I can’t do that until we get this done.”

“What were you doing today? Working on your Constantine film?”

“I don’t want to talk about Constantine. Can you just do your job and talk to the journalists with me?”

Peter glanced towards Holly, she nodded slightly and he shrugged, standing up. “Alright Henry. Let’s go.”


“Yes. I’ll be right back Holly.”

Holly watched them walk off and then turned back to her drink, hoping they wouldn’t be too long. Being stuck in the middle of a party with the only friendly face across the room wasn’t a lot of fun.

Or maybe Peter’s wasn’t the only friendly face here.

She smiled and got up, weaving her way through the crowd over to another corner.


Nikki lit up as she saw Holly and hugged her. “It’s so good to see you! I had no idea you’d be here Holly.”

“I have a table over this way. Would you like to join me?”

“Of course. Lead on. How have you been?”

“Busy. Working with Victor McCall on Antigone which I’ve loved but it’s been rather stressful.”

“I’ve been following that in the tabloids. It sounds like quite the behind-the-scenes drama. I also saw the first of what claimed to be a series of videos from on the set. You’ve been working with an internet show?”

“Yes. We want to do a lot of our PR online, at least to start with.”

“Sounds interesting. Let me know if there’s any way I can help you.”


“Of course! Is there something I could do?”

“Well McCall did talk to me about the importance of using all of my connections…would you mind terribly being a connection?”

“Not at all. I think I’d be rather flattered actually.”

Holly beamed. “Perfect.”


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