S4, Ep 11, Sc 2: The Fury

Grant was furious. He was grateful that he’d decided to drive himself tonight rather than call the driver because he knew his rage was evident and he wouldn’t have wanted an employee to see him like this. The call had come through the Bluetooth while he was driving on the freeway and he could feel his foot slowly pressing down on the accelerator as the conversation had continued.

It was from one of the board members. There were concerns about this interview with Holly Woods that seemed to suddenly be all over the internet and why was everyone saying that Montell Connected Studios had purposefully tried to suppress it? People were beginning to say they had something to hide.

Apparently Grant had been right about every single reason he had decided to do nothing about Luke Page and his videos. Only it had all happened anyways and he could tell, still veiled at this point but there nonetheless, that certain members of the board were starting to blame him.

He was coming out of the wrong side on this thing which meant there was only one person who could possibly be responsible for it.

Grant waited until he was parked and then tapped his car’s touchscreen, pulling up his phone’s contacts list and calling Gloria. She answered almost immediately.

“Really Grant, it’s after working hours. Have you never heard of taking a break?”

As if she didn’t work just as much as he did. But he brushed it away. It wasn’t important right now; she was just trying to get further under his skin. “I just had a conversation with Gregory.”

“Oh really? What about?”

“You know what about. Luke Page.”

“Ah, Luke Page. A very talented young man wouldn’t you say?”

“I’ve been informed that he’s now apparently employed with Montell Connected Studios.”

“Well, as I said, he’s talented.”

“What are you thinking? There is going after me and then there is going after the studio itself. And your latest move does the latter. If you want to run my studio you’d better not burn the studio down along with me.”

“Don’t be so overly dramatic Malcolm. I’m hardly burning anything down.”

“Gregory was keen to tell me how the tabloids are asking questions about why Montell Studios felt the need to kill the interview. Montell Studios. You were the one telling me not so long ago that this studio is more than just me and it’s the studio they’re talking about.”

“But it’s a much better story if it comes out slowly.”

“What story?”

“The story of who really killed the interview.”

“You’re right. And I’m sure the board will be interested in that story as well. Good luck explaining to them why you did it.”

“Oh I won’t have to explain that. But you might.”

“I haven’t even met Luke Page. You can’t make out that I was in any way responsible-”

“Let’s look at the facts,” she said, and he could hear the deep satisfaction in her voice. “Donald, whom I am sure will be happy to attest to, told you about Luke’s videos over lunch. You then called me into your office later that day and the next thing you know I’m calling Luke in for a meeting.”

“You and I didn’t discuss Luke Page.”

“Who’s to say what we discussed? I say we did. I say that you had me deal with the situation on your behalf. Granted it could become a bit of a he-said, she-said situation, but then again, you’re the one with the proven vendetta against Holly. So I think the evidence bears me out.”

Grant was done with this. He slammed his finger harder than was needed on the end call button and bolted out of the car, shutting the door with a responding thud. Several people walking on the sidewalk glanced over at the noise and he forced himself to take several calming breaths. Gloria could be dealt with as long as he didn’t lose his head. That’s why he was here after all? A backup plan. And all things considered it was good he had it. Gloria had staked Holly out as the battlegrounds; he had to move quickly to make sure it was a losing fight for her.

Feeling calmer, he walked into the gallery.

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2 Responses to S4, Ep 11, Sc 2: The Fury

  1. Keith says:


    So I think the evidence bares me out.
    So I think the evidence BEARS me out.

    I am sure Gloria does not want the evidence making her bare in any way, in or out. 🙂
    It seemed wrong to me, but I did have to look it up to check if I was correct or not.

    harder then was needed
    harder THAN was needed

    Style comment: You have a lot of long sentences with complex grammar in them. This may be a symptom of Grant’s mind running on and on. Personally, I like to use short sentences to express when my characters are upset or angry. The choice is yours.

    • Holly(Woods) says:

      Thanks! Those pesky then/than’s. It’s so easy to miss those when I do my proofread.

      Thanks for the style comment. You’re probably right. I’ll try to keep that in mind in the future and if I can find some time will go through this post and try and fix it up a bit in that regard. After I finish the story, I want to go back and re-edit season 2 – 4 anyways for ebooks, so I will definitely try and address it when I do that anyways.

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