S4, Ep 11, Sc 4: The Wrap

The last day of filming was exhilarating. Not just because Holly was relieved to have it done, though it was nice to know they couldn’t lose anymore cast from here on out, but also because it felt triumphant. They’d succeeded! The film was made despite all Grant’s attempts to the contrary. It had been an uphill battle but they’d done it.

Everyone on set seemed to share Holly’s euphoria. The crew members who’d stuck with Antigone from the very beginning joked that there should be medals. Various members of the cast brought in brownies, cupcakes and cookies, with the notable exception of the actor playing Antigone’s uncle who brought in whiskey and vodka. Walsh had to set firm limits on partaking of the drinks until after the work was done.

McCall dropped by sometime in the afternoon. The last scene had been shot and packing up was all that was left to do. But somehow the packing up had been stalled and the alcohol bottles opened. People were mostly hanging out, chatting and enjoying the refreshments.

Holly waved to McCall and hurried over to meet him as he crossed the set.

“We’ve done it!” she beamed up at him. “Every scene filmed. It’s done! We’re celebrating a little bit.” She raised her brownie to illustrate. “If you want something a little stronger Markus brought Bulleit whiskey.”

“I’m fine.”

“We did it! We did Victor! Thanks to you, we finished the movie!”


“Thank you so much for giving us the ability to see this through. I mean I know it’s not quite done. We still need to edit. And I know that’s going to be a lot of work since we really need to push through that as quickly as possible. All the attention that silly interview has been getting is great but we got a lot more public notice a lot quicker than we’d planned on. So in order to capitalize on that before people get bored of us, we’ll have to move fast. But I was talking to Walsh and he’s completely on board with that and has some great ideas and I really think we’re doing good.”


“You should talk to Walsh about it yourself of course. But I’m really, really excited. I can see the finish line and I know we’re almost there and that this is going to be a great movie!”


“What?” She realized suddenly that McCall was looking worried. Her heart sunk and her smile instantly dropped. “What is it now? Surely Grant can’t still be messing with the movie? We’re wrapped!”

“It’s not Antigone this time. It’s you.”


“Yes. And it’s not entirely Grant either. Before you worry, I’m going to help you. I have a lawyer. I’ll help with any legal fees-”

“Legal fees? What are you talking about? Why do I need a lawyer?”

“They’ve decided to sue you over the leaked copy of Cold Wars.”

What? But that wasn’t me! You know that wasn’t me!”

“Yes. I know. But a lot of people, including the majority of the studio’s board, believe that it was you.”

“So Grant’s talked them into suing?”

“I don’t actually think it was Grant,” said McCall worriedly. “He never would have let it go through if he could help it. It’d be a risky play. I don’t think he had control of this one. In fact I think he’s losing control over the board altogether. He and Gloria Stanhope have been busy fighting it out which left the board free to do this. I tried to stop it but I was outvoted.”

“But why would they do that now?”

“Gloria is partly responsible. She’s been causing trouble. Cold Wars is having difficulty. It’s far over budget now and it has become a bit of a joke. She wants the board to question Grant’s wisdom over firing you and also reshooting. Instead, we got this law suit.”

Holly let the enormity of the situation sink in. “And here I was having such a good day.” She frowned. “Do you think this could affect Antigone?”

“I really don’t know.” McCall shook his head. “You and the film are so closely associated with one another. Depending on how the public views the lawsuit it might hurt the film. Which is all the more reason why we need to get the editing done quickly and set premiere date as soon as possible.”

Holly nodded. “Okay. Okay,” she repeated, more firmly. “We can do that. It’s going to be okay. You know its shame though. I really was having a good day.”

“Come on. Let the rest of the cast and crew have their fun and we’ll go have lunch. This afternoon we can meet with my lawyer and talk over details. But I think a couple of hours away to let you just turn off your brain and relax would be helpful.”

“You know what? That sounds perfect.”

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6 Responses to S4, Ep 11, Sc 4: The Wrap

  1. schn00dles says:

    Holly’s become a bit of a producer.

  2. Keith says:

    Its far over budget
    added apostrophe in “Its”
    It’s far over budget

    But I think a couple of hours away to let you just turn off your brain relax would be helpful.”
    Maybe remove the word “relax”?
    But I think a couple of hours away to let you just turn off your brain would be helpful.”

    Err, um, how do they know the leaked version of Cold Wars matches the one Holly has? Did anyone ever look at the DVD in her possession? Or did they look at the archived copy at the studio that was supposedly sent to Holly and make their decisions from there? If they only looked at the studio archive, then there are at least two possible sources for the leaked video. What actually is on the DVD Holly received? Does she even still have it? As the accused, I do not believe she can be required to produce evidence of the accusation. I wonder who was suddenly promoted after the video was “leaked.” Is there any proof the video was sent to Holly? You can hire or fire actors based on the what the wind whispers in your ear while on your way to work, but a lawsuit actually requires evidence. Lawsuits are expensive. How much more money are they going to toss down the drain of Cold Wars? Also, since actual evidence is scanty and the chain of custody is very weak, Holly’s counter lawsuit for defamation of character (much more likely to succeed) will not do them any good. Unless this whole mess is a way to drum up publicity for the doomed Cold Wars.

    • Keith says:

      But I think a couple of hours away to let you just turn off your brain relax would be helpful.”
      Maybe missing an “and”?
      But I think a couple of hours away to let you just turn off your brain AND relax would be helpful.”

      • Holly(Woods) says:

        Thanks for pointing out the typos!

        As for the lawsuit…it shall be discussed further in the story, but if it continues to not make sense I may remove the plot line when I edit. It’s not super significant to the story 🙂 But the reason everyone is so convinced it was her copy was she was sent a unique version of it, so only see had that exact copy and the director, who Grant had talked into sending it to her (though Grant obviously got a copy himself without that becoming public knowledge). Grant has convinced everyone that it was Holly so the board is convinced it will be an easy win. Grant however would know that the case wouldn’t be such a slam dunk and will probably try to stop the board from going through with it.

      • Keith says:

        The “she had a unique version” issue is where the whole thing breaks down. First, how do you verify what she received? Was it a blank disk? Was it Tom & Jerry cartoons? Was it a bootleg copy of the last Sting concert? And if it was footage from Cold Wars, exactly what footage was it?

        Second, it would never be the case that only she had that exact copy. Too much money is involved. All the original raw film footage is stored while the simultaneous digital copy is edited. Every change in the digital version is stored and can be recovered because directors are capricious. “This isn’t working. I liked the version of this scene we did three edits ago. Can we go back to that one?” All of Kevin Costner’s scenes, except one where we see his legs as a corpse, were cut from the final edit of the “The Big Chill.” Once the digital version is finalized, a final film version is created from time marks on the digital version. So the studio always has a copy of what was sent to Holly.

        Lastly, to prove that Holly leaked scenes from Cold Wars, something about the leaked footage had to be unique to the copy that Holly had. So how can this be verified? It can be verified, weakly, by comparing the leaked footage to what the studio has on file as sent to Holly. This is what Grant has asserted to the board. The only way it can be strongly verified is by comparing the disk Holly received to the leaked footage. Then the studio would have to establish that no other copies of that particular footage were produced. Since the director has a copy, then he (or his wife, girlfriend, mistress, buddy, etc.) “could have” leaked it as easily as Holly.

        I just had a horrible thought. What if Holly brings her DVD into court as evidence, so it can be compared to the leaked footage, in the SEALED FedEx or courier envelope it came in? After all, she never looked at it and might have been so disgusted that she just wanted to ignore it. That might end the case right there.

        The board (or the lawyers who advise them) should be smart enough to know that the case is a “he said/she said” weak case.

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