S4, Ep 12, Sc 1: The Talk

Sitting in the green room of The Bailey Show, Peter couldn’t shake a feeling of déjà vu. It had been ages since he’d been asked onto a talk show. Well, he wasn’t sure asked was the right word this time. More like the show had asked the network and the network had told him in no uncertain words to be there. At least his obligation to promote Crocodiles was almost up. And then he’d be done with Hollywood, with the film industry with…he hesitated. He wanted to be done with Los Angeles too. His time in Ireland had taught him that he wanted to be gone from here. But leaving wasn’t so easy. Not while Holly needed friends so badly through this storm Grant was whipping up against her.

Well, he’d stay until Antigone was sorted at any rate.

The door of the green room opened and a staff member ushered Henry inside. Peter glanced up at him briefly and then returned to the magazine he’d been flicking through without reading for the past five minutes.

Henry took a seat across the room but kept shooting Peter glances.

The silence was heavy.


Peter looked up again. “So?”


Peter nodded in return.

Henry let out a large sigh. “Look Peter could we talk?”

“Well we are about to go on something called a talk show. So if we can’t actually talk we may be in trouble.”

“Very funny.”

“Thank you.  I was amused.”

“Seriously, could we talk?”

Peter shut the magazine and tossed it aside. “Fine. What do you want to talk about?”


“Oh for crying out-” Peter reached for the magazine again.

“No, no, no, no. You don’t understand. I want to apologize.”

Peter gave him a skeptical stare. “Really?”


“And what brought about this change of heart?”

“I watched her interview with Luke Page.”


“Well she said some pretty incredible things about you. Some very true things. Like…your friendship is worth anything. She’s right. Your friendship is. And I honestly can’t believe that less than a year after getting it back I lost it again. I’m sorry.”

“You’re serious.”

“Yea I am. And I’m sorry that I left Antigone. You have no idea how sorry I am for that one. Also you’re right, Holly is not Layla and I should have trusted your opinion on that. Honestly, I just didn’t want to relive all that and I panicked.”

“I…thank you. I appreciate this.”

“I heard Antigone finished filming?” asked Henry a little tentatively.

“Yes. Holly and McCall really stepped up to get the film finished. But I think you’d be proud of the results. From what I understand from Holly, Walsh kept to your vision for the film fairly closely.”

“I’m glad there were people there to finish it. It was a great cast and crew. Holly was very good in the part. I’m glad you recommended her.”

Peter laughed. “Now you’re just trying to butter me up. I didn’t ‘recommend’ anybody. I guilt tripped you into it plain and simple.”

“Well maybe a little.”

“All the way buddy. You never would have done it otherwise.”

“Okay. Yes. But she was actually a good fit for the part.”

“I think so…but, snice we are apologizing…it probably wasn’t the fairest thing I’ve ever done, forcing you into casting her. I can’t say I wouldn’t do it again if I had to go back, I still don’t see any other options, but that doesn’t make it fair.”

There was a knock on the door and a crew member popped her head in. “We’re ready for two on set.”

“Thanks. We’ll be right there.”

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  1. Keith says:


    gone form here.
    gone FROM here.

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