S4, Ep 12, Sc 5: The Defeat

She had to wait. Whatever was bothering McCall, he clearly didn’t want to discuss it in front of everyone or he would have already voiced it.

Drinks were served in the living room as people happily discussed the various in’s and out’s of the film. Holly listened closely, trying to catch anything that could hint at what had left McCall unhappy. The discussions only lasted about an hour but it felt like ages as Holly waited and listened.

It was Evelyn who made the first move to leave and the others followed closely after her. Peter was the last to depart, hesitating at the front door, perhaps waiting for Holly to make her goodbyes as well or simply he wanted to find an excuse to delay, but eventually even he was driving away.

McCall turned to Holly in the entrance hall, obviously expecting  her to also say goodbye but she wasn’t planning on letting him off that easily. Instead she crossed her arms.


“What?” He blinked.

“What was wrong with the movie?”

“Nothing. It was very good. I think everyone though so. Why? Did someone say something to you?”

“No. But I saw the way you looked immediately afterwards. Something about it troubled you and I want to know what it was. We’re in this together.”

McCall sighed. It sounded almost resigned. And then he gestured at her to follow him. He walked to the living room and poured himself a drink.

“I didn’t want to ruin the moment for you,” he explained. “Antigone was well done. Everyone put so much work into it, especially you. There were so many factors that could have gone wrong, as with any film but more so with this one considering all the forces working against it, but instead everything came together brilliantly. I wanted you to be able to enjoy that victory tonight.”

“Alright. And what’s going to prevent that? If it’s not the movie itself that’s bothering you, that what is it?”

McCall poured himself a drink before turning to Holly with an expression of defeat. “I’ve failed.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The release. Every major theater chain has refused to touch the film. Most of the smaller ones too for that matter. Montell just has so many big, major releases coming soon that none of the theaters want to risk alienating them.  Additionally all the major film critics have expressed similar concerns of getting shut out by Montel Studios. I’m sorry. I said I could find a way to make this work but I’m failing.”

“Oh Victor, come on.” Holly smiled and came over to stand next to him. “This isn’t your fault. I know you have tried everything you can.”

“And none of it has been enough. All the work you and Phryne have been doing for promotion won’t do us any good if we can only get it into a few scattered art house theaters.”

“We’ll figure something out. We’ve figured everything else out every step of the way. This won’t be any different.”

“I’ve already reached out to every contact I have. Nothing. I don’t know what we can possibly do at this point. Even if we got some good reviews, which will be difficult with the critics all wary as well, we still won’t be able to get the audience we need to make the film successful enough to overcome everything Grant’s done to the movie and to your career.”

“Forget my career.”

“No. Your career is important.”

“No it’s really not. Look even if things turned around tomorrow, every theater agreed to show the movie and it had record breaking success and I was offered a dozen prime rolls, I’m not sure I would actually want to take them. I’m sorry Victor. I know one of the main reasons you bought Antigone was to help me and try to ensure I could continue working. And I am so grateful that you did. In fact the work we’ve been doing on Antigone has been the most amazing, creatively fulfilling experience I’ve ever had. But I just don’t…want to continue acting despite that.”

“Well at least we’ll go out on a high note I suppose. Here. Have a drink.”

But as Holly drove home later that night she refused to give in to the impending sense of defeat trying to grow in the back of her mind.

She shook her head as though shaking it away.

No. They had come too far for that.

They were going to fight.

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4 Responses to S4, Ep 12, Sc 5: The Defeat

  1. Keith says:

    Well, there’s one obvious option: http://www.sxsw.com/film/festival/submit
    Also, for many films, particularly independent ones, the long term money is in DVD sales. Movie theaters can provide a fast cash influx. Someone (McCall) has a studio mentality. A big studio gets its money (50-60% ticket revenue) in the first two weeks of release. Then the theater starts taking more and more of the ticket revenue. I bet Amazon & Netflix are not scared of Montel Studios and they are releasing their own series. Maybe one of them wants to release a film?

    I wasn’t going to do typos, but …

    everything theater agreed to show the movie
    EVERY theater agreed to show the movie

    • Keith says:


      This discussions
      *I’m guessing this is what you meant
      THE discussions

      I didn’t want to ruing the moment for you,
      I didn’t want to RUIN the moment for you,

      And I what’s going to prevent that?
      * removed “I”
      And what’s going to prevent that?

      have expressed similar concerns of causing trouble.
      have expressed similar concerns ABOUT causing trouble.
      have expressed similar concerns of GETTING SHUT OUT BY MONTEL STUDIOS.

      I know you would have tried everything you could.
      * weird tense in the middle of a conversation, removed “would”, changed “could” to “can.”
      I know you have tried everything you CAN.

      • Holly(Woods) says:

        Thanks so much for the typos! I shall apply all the changes when I get back to the US. Currently spending time with my sister and grandmother and not online much. So I’m waiting to get back to do all the edits 🙂

      • Holly(Woods) says:

        Whew! Back home. And going over all the typos you pointed out. Geesh I did horribly. First it was jet lag and then it was just not having a lot of time on the computer since most of my vacation was spent doing lots of stuff with family. If you only see a family member for a couple of times every year, it’s rather hard to say ‘sorry, I need to take a couple of hours to write and proof read’ so I wrote when I had time and hurried a bit when posting. Wondering now if I wasn’t better off just doing fewer posts while I was away and spending more time on the editing.

        Oh well. Live and learn 🙂 Onward and upward! And hopefully better edited! 🙂

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