S4, Ep 12, Sc 6: The Exhaustion

Next post will almost definitely be on the 20th. Still, I feel pretty pleased that I managed 3 posts while on vacation. Usually on vacation I’m worse about writing because all I want to do is be lazy! 😉

Grant was exhausted. He was also angry at himself. He’d let his concentration slip for one minute and this was the result.

That stupid, stupid lawsuit. It had probably been Donald’s idea. It would never have held up in court. Privately, Grant was also concerned the film leak would be traced back to him. He’d protected himself every way he could but you could never be sure once you started meddling with things like that.

In retrospect he should have known better than to lose focus on the board. But Gloria had done it too. The two of them had been so busy fighting each other for control of it that they’d forgotten to see what the board was actually doing. He supposed it was rather like turning your back on a room full of six year olds. Whatever you got, you deserved.

Unfortunately in this case the six year olds had stumbled on a landmine. Both he and Gloria knew that this particular landmine could be totally disastrous for everyone involved. They’d been working on damage control ever since they’d heard about it.

“But Grant, I don’t understand,” Donald had almost whined over their private lunch to discuss the issue. “Don’t you want Holly Woods to pay a little? Cold Wars is a mess because of her.”

“The lawsuit would fall apart in court. You know how difficult those things are to prove. Didn’t the lawyers advise you at all?”

“But she did leak it,” said Donald.

Grant frowned, unable to tell if that was a question or a statement. “Of course she leaked it. But we’d have a hard time proving that in court.”

“You really think she could release something and completely cover her tracks?”

Was he talking about the film or Holly’s article on Lionel? Or was he talking about Grant himself? Suddenly Grant had a bit of respect for Donald.

“I think,” continue Donald, “if Japan sees us doing something about the leak they’ll be impressed and have a lot more regard for us which will do wonders for the negotiations.”

The respect was instantly lost.

“Forget about Japan, Donald.”

“Forget? Japan was your idea! You were the one that wanted to expand into anime.”

“The studio has as good as signed the contract. That is in the bag. But if we waste time and money on an embarrassing lawsuit-”

“I don’t see how it could be embarrassing-”

“We need to focus the studio ahead to the future, not on what’s behind. Cold Wars is practically finished filming. With a good PR campaign we could still salvage it, But we won’t be able to do that if it’s caught up in a long and protracted legal battle.”

Finally, after a lot more debate, Donald agreed (albeit reluctantly) to see reason. But it had taken longer to convince him than it should have. That worried Grant.

But it didn’t worry him as much as the news Gloria had sashayed into his office to bring him.

“A board meeting has been scheduled for next month. I thought you should know.”

Grant raised an eyebrow. “That’s a long way off.”

“From what I gather, they wanted to make sure everyone could be there. I heard we’ll be discussing restructuring.”

They both knew exactly what that meant. The power plays were almost over. The final fight was underway and they’d see who’d come out on top.

Grant waited patiently for her to leave before carefully and deliberately walking over to the drinks tray. Picking up a glass from off of it. And throwing it against the wall to watch it shatter.

He wasn’t going to lose his studio. He wouldn’t let that happen. He was going to fight.


Next post will almost definitely be on the 20th. Still, I feel pretty pleased that I managed 3 posts while on vacation. Usually on vacation I’m worse about writing because all I want to do is be lazy! 😉

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