S4, Ep 14, Sc 1: The Business

The papers were all spread out over the coffee table. There were numbers. There were graphs. There were press releases.

Holly felt an odd combination of exhaustion and exhilaration. Whatever this feeling was, she relished it. She’d worked hard on this. Extremely hard. And she was tired. She closed her eyes and she saw all the numbers, facts, and information she had been studying. But at the same time she felt excited. She was one hundred percent confident that she had done a good job. This could work. Maybe it was a long shot, but it was the best one they had. If she could only convince McCall and Walsh of that.

She bounced nervously on the balls of her feet and checked her watch. They were a few minutes late.

As if on cue, she heard the sound of their car in the driveway and then feet crunching along the gravel. She forced herself to remain seated in the living room until the doorbell rang. She bounded to her feet and out into the hall, wrenching open a the door. Given the expression on McCall and Walsh’s faces, perhaps a little too energetically.

She ushered the two men into the living room, set them down, and brought out some coffee as a formality even though she was itching to begin.

“Alright Holly,” said McCall, smiling behind his cup of coffee. “What’s this all about? What is it you were so eager to tell us?”

“Not exactly tell you. More, talk to you about. Have you,” she glanced uncertainly towards Walsh, “talked about the premiere?”

“McCall’s told me the problems we’re having with that, yes,” said Walsh.

“Good. Okay, well I think I might have an idea. It’s been done before with some success and we do have an online audience that seems to keep growing. In fact in some ways this might be better because we can do it sooner than if we had done a regular premiere which means we can capitalize on all the online PR while it’s still at its peak.”

“That does all sound good,” said McCall, this time failing to hide his smile at her enthusiasm. “But you haven’t actually told us what the idea is.”

“Oh. Right. Okay. Here goes. We do an online premiere.”

Walsh leaned forward. “Online?”

“Yes. We contact the major streaming services and organize something through them. We also line up whatever theaters will take the movie, try to get a cast member to each of the biggest ones so attending there will be an event, and we push the story line that as an indie film we’re taking an indie approach to releasing it. Here, I got the numbers for the previous films that did online releases.”

“I don’t know Holly,” said McCall. “I’m not familiar with this model of release.”

“I know. It’s new. But hasn’t that been what we’ve been going for anyways with the PR? We’ve been doing so much online anyways; why not take the film there? We can have bloggers review it ahead of time. Just like you would normally have critics look at a film. We take the movie to the people so to speak. Cut out the middleman. It’s at the middleman that Grant’s causing most of our problems.”

McCall glanced towards Walsh who was looking over the papers that Holly had handed to him.

“You know Victor this might actually work. It will certainly set the movie apart which could only help. And since we can’t get into the major theater chains this is the next best way to make it accessible for audiences.”

There was a long thoughtful pause as McCall contemplated. “Alright. You have more details Holly?”

She grinned and picked up a huge stack of papers. “Of course. I have more details than you’d probably ever want to hear.”

They went over everything. It took a good two hours. But at the end of the time they had a solid game plan and McCall was on board.

“Once we’ve talked directly to the companies we can get a better idea of a timeline,” he said, as they stacked up the papers and set them aside.

“Good. And I think sooner would be better than later,” Holly added.

Walsh nodded. “Agreed.”

“I think we’re done then.”

Walsh got to his feet and stretched. “Fantastic work Holly.” He checked his watch. “I’ve got to rush though. I’m going to be late for an appointment. Are you ready McCall?”

“You leave without me. I’ll take a taxi back.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I need to talk to Holly about something.”

“Alright then. See you both later.”

Walsh left and Holly turned to look at McCall a little nervously. Was there something wrong that he hadn’t want to bring up in front of Walsh?

“What is it? Is the something wrong?”

“No. It’s not that. But I do have my own plan to discuss with you.” He picked up a briefcase that he had set down next to his chair when he had first come in. “I have business proposition.”

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