S4, Ep 14, Sc 2: The Invitation

Clint hesitated. If he wanted to do this, it would have to be soon. So why was he hesitating?

He knew he should probably talk to Niki about what he was planning to do, but he suspected she wouldn’t approve of it. He glanced from the phone in his hand to the photographs he had up on his laptop. He’d already done a third of the work. So really he already knew he was planning on finishing. And if he knew he would follow through, why procrastinate?

Clint dialed Peter’s number. It rang a few times before there was an answer.

“Peter, how have you been? I saw you on TV the other night. Congrats about the book.”

“Thanks. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard from you. How’s Nikki?”

“Pretty good.”

“Glad to hear it. And how are you?”

“Not bad. I have a photo exhibit open at the moment. This evening is the last night for it. But it’s gone fairly well. I sold some work, make some contacts. So I’m pretty good all things considered.”

“That’s fantastic.”

“How’s Holly?” Clint was a photographer. Not an actor. And besides subtlety had never been his strong suit. He could hear his own voice take on a strained note as he tried to casually mention her name, but it was the best he could do.

Given Peter’s tone when he answered, he had noticed it as well. “Not bad. Making Antigone has been a challenge, but one I think she has risen to gracefully and awesomely.”

“I’ve been following that. Her interview with Luke Page was quite well done. I’m impressed she had it in her.”

“Holly is exceptional.” There was an edge in Peter’s voice now.

“Agreed.” It was time to get to business or Peter was going to lose his patience. “In fact I was wondering if we three could meet up.”

“What?” Clearly whatever Peter had been expecting, it wasn’t that.

“Yes. I’d like to chat you with and Holly. Maybe over coffee? I know a good place. It would only take twenty or thirty minutes. We could meet about three tomorrow if that’s convenient for the both of you.”

“What do you want to talk about?”

“It’s to do with Grant actually. Look, it’s not something I want to talk about over the phone and I’d like Holly to be there. Do you think she’d be willing to meet up or not?”

“I suspect so,” said Peter warily. “Text me over the address you want to meet at, and I’ll call her.”

“Great. Hear from you later.” Clint hung up and nodded. Alright then, that’s that.

There were a number of things that could go wrong. Not to mention he wasn’t sure what state his career would be in after all was said and done and yet…well, he’d made his decision. And he wasn’t going to back down now. That wasn’t his style.

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