S4, Ep 14, Sc 6: The Night

Holly had more or less given up trying to fall asleep somewhere around eleven. It was now one in the morning and she lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling. There’d been a lot of tossing and turning earlier, but now she’d settled down, though it now felt like her mind had taken up the activity.

She kept going over it and over it again in her head. Cynthia’s bombshell had left her shaken. What on earth was she supposed to do with it? What should she do with it? As she’d talked it over with Cynthia, she had tried to get a read off the woman to determine what she wanted to do about the email, but Holly had begun to suspect that Cynthia was just as lost as she was about it. In fact Holly suspected that one of the biggest reasons that Cynthia had brought the email to her was so that someone else would be left making the decision. Holly supposed she could do something similar: bring it to Victor and ask his advice, or convince Peter to tell her what to do. But that wouldn’t be fair to them. This was her decision.

Before Cynthia had left, she’d given Holly a copy of the email. Holly had looked over it, considering the possibility that they could always redact a few parts. But taking out the references to the affair not only left the email rather nonsensical, but deep down Holly had to admit that she knew once any part of this email was out there that the rest of it would soon follow. These things had a way of finding the light of day.

Lying in bed, she wondering about Adam’s wife. What would she want? Perhaps she was the only one who had more of a right to the decision than Holly, but going to her was absolutely out of the question. It would be more unfair than any other choice Holly could possibly make right now.

She imagined for a moment what would happen if she did release the email. It didn’t exactly pin the leak on Grant. He never actually confirmed it in the email…but questions would certainly be raised. People would have to wonder why he’d forced Eleanor release the false statement. And then there were all the people who didn’t want to work with Holly because of the leak. Would this be enough for them to ignore Grant and be willing to collaborate? She considered the conversation she had had with McCall not that long ago in her own living room. Accepting McCall’s offer with a clear conscience that she wouldn’t drag it down would mean a lot. And convincing everyone that she wasn’t about to leak her next big project would go a long way in enabling her to do that.

And then of course there was Antigone. Releasing the email could only help the film.

But looking at all the positives was easy. Those weren’t the reasons Cynthia hadn’t wanted to make the call herself. And they weren’t the reasons Holly now lay awake in bed, staring up at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep.

There was a marriage. And there was Cynthia. And there were three people who would be very hurt if this got out.

Holly didn’t want to be the one who did that.

“It’s all messed up,” she announced to the ceiling.  Unsurprisingly, the ceiling remained mute.

It was also an impossible choice. But one that she would have to make. Because no one else was going to.


Clint sat in Grant’s study. It was after midnight. He wasn’t sure how late after midnight. But he knew he was tired and he felt wrong. He knew what he was doing and why, but it still felt somehow unclean, meeting like this, handing over the photos…

“Here.” Clint tossed Grant a USB stick. “They’re on that.”

Grant plugged the stick into his computer and examined the photographs. “I’m not sure these are going to work.”

Clint snorted. “You can do something with them. Make enough lurid insinuations and people won’t be able to look at the photographs and not see it.”

He watched as Grant opened one of the photos for a closer look. “I see what you mean…her expression…”

“Yes.” Clint shifted a little uncomfortably. “So there you have it. I’ve done what you asked me for.”

“You think so?”

“Yes. And now you have to leave Nikki alone. Like you said you would.”

Grant unplugged the USB stick and held it in the palm of his hand. “Yes I did say that, I’ll keep my word. I usually do.” He smiled at Clint. “We’re done.”

“There’s just one thing.”

“What is it?”

“Those photographs. If you plan to release them-”

“Which I do.”

“You should send them to Tobin Makem.”

“Tobin? Why?”

“I know you already have connections with him. And I owe the man a favor. Think of this as a way to make it even. Give him a scoop and get him in good with you by giving him a chance to do you a favor. It’s a win all around.”

Grant shrugged. “One reporter is as good as the next. Alright, I’ll use him.”

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2 Responses to S4, Ep 14, Sc 6: The Night

  1. Keith says:


    If she could accept his suggestion with a clear conscious that she wouldn’t drag the whole thing down…
    * I think you mean “clear conscience,” but I still don’t understand the sentence. It is too vague. Also, I don’t understand whether Holly thinks releasing the e-mail would drag the thing down or not. Did McCall have a suggestion, a business proposal, a business plan, or a business partnership offer (since I assume that whatever he talked about was not romantic)? Assuming that I am in any way correct in my interpretation, here is one possible replacement sentence:
    Accepting McCall’s business partnership offer with a clear conscience that she wouldn’t drag it down, by directly attacking Grant again, meant that she could not release the e-mail.

    • Holly(Woods) says:

      Thanks! I edited the line so that hopefully it makes a bit more sense. McCall’s exact offer hasn’t been stated yet, so I still want to keep that a little vague but hopefully I cleared up the line enough.

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