S4, Ep 17, Sc 3: The Worry

Holly parked the car around back of the theater and entered from the rear. Down in the lobby there was commotion and in the center of it, as calm and collected as ever, stood Amy.

“Hi!” Holly hurried over to her. “How’s everything going?”

“Holly what are you doing here? As star of the movie aren’t you supposed to be sashaying in here later?”

“I wanted to make sure everything was going alright.”

Amy rolled her eyes but grinned. “I am perfectly capable of managing a small catering gig.”

“I know that Amy. It’s not that I at all doubt your capabilities-”

“Good. Then leave the worrying to me. And you just enjoy your moment.”

“I’ll be able to enjoy it once I know it’s been a success.”

“Of course it will be! The positive PR has just rolled in all month. You’re the little engine that could against the mountain of Malcolm Grant,” said Evelyn, appearing Holly’s elbow as she ticked things off a clipboard.

“Evelyn! What are you doing here?”

“Helping Amy ensure that everything goes off without a hitch tonight. I realize this is only a small part of the premiere, the important part is happening online, but it’s still something that should be celebrated properly.”

Holly hugged her. “Thank you. Both of you.”

“Now you go off and get beautiful,” said Evelyn. “If you need to borrow my stylist I can call her…”

“No thanks. Matilda sent me a dress and I think I can manage the rest on my own.”

“Alright then. Shoo and enjoy yourself!”

Holly smiled and left. But despite their assurances, on the drive home she found she was still worried. This was finally the moment. Antigone’s release. So many people had worked so hard to ensure that it would not only get made but that when it did, it would be seen.

And yet…if she were honest with herself that really wasn’t why she was worried, was it? The truth actually had very little to do with Antigone at all.

It wasn’t nerves for the film that was bothering her. She’d spent so much of the past months focused on this. Now she was about to be done with that. And then there other changes coming….

Holly found she was gripping the steering wheel more tightly.

She was scared, excited, depressed, and happy. It wasn’t fair. No one should have to feel all of that at once. And why did even good things have to be so darn complicated sometimes?

Holly reached her house and let herself in. She took a quick shower, changed into the dress Matilda had sent her, and began to put up her hair.

But as she stared in the mirror she realized she still wasn’t being completely honest. There was something else bothering her as well. No. She pushed it out of her head. She’s already made her decision. She was not going to go down that road. That was finished and done with and she’d already decided to ignore it.

Shaking her head, to shake her thoughts away, she turned her focus back to getting ready.


AN: I know, it’s kind of a short post. But it’s been one of those weeks that hasn’t been very inspiring. 🙂

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