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Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Naomi Laeuchli has lived overseas in nine different countries on three different continents where her family was posted with the American Foreign Service. In November 2012 she moved from the Democratic Republic of the Congo back to the states and currently lives in Arizona.

Naomi loves writing, reading and playing video games. She works as a freelance writer, has studied screenwriting, reads comics, has reviewed games, and conducted interviews for

She watches far too many TV shows and it’d be a much shorter list to say which ones she didn’t like rather than which ones are her favorites, as she enjoys about 97% of those she sees.

Her favorite authors are Anthony Trollope, J.K. Rowling, Jasper Fforde, Agatha Christie and Terry Pratchett. She loves RPG’s and Horror Survival Games and enjoys playing co-op board games. There’s almost no genre of writing she’s not eager to try.

Check out some of Naomi’s other online writing:

Interview with Director Sam Levinson (Page 34)

Review of The Walking Dead Video Game

Review of The Mass Effect series

Review of Kingdoms of Amalur

Short Story: If You Can Hear Me


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