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Ep 14, Sc 4: The Keys

INT. PETER’S APARTMENT. NIGHT. Peter straightened his tie in the mirror and wondered for the hundredth time how he had agreed to this. He was pretty sure he hadn’t but he was still roped into dinner at Evelyn’s house tonight. … Continue reading

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Ep 14, Sc 3: The Opportunity

EXT. HOMESTEAD SET. DAY. Standing in the center of set, Ian held up his hand for silence as the crowd of cast and crew that had been gathered round, turned their attention to him. Holly leaned against the wooden support … Continue reading

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Ep 14, Sc 2: The Airport

INT. AIRPORT. DAY. Holly waited impatiently outside the arrivals gate. A female voice kept coming on the loudspeaker announcing each departing flights. Each time the arrivals door slid open Holly stood on tiptoes to look over the heads of those … Continue reading

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Episode 14, Scene 1: The Booth

INT. SOUND BOOTH. DAY. Clint leaned back in the swivel chair inside the recording booth, as he watched Nikki through the window. She was smiling from ear to ear, clearly having the time of her life, as she watched the … Continue reading

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