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S4, Ep 12, Sc 1: The Talk

Sitting in the green room of The Bailey Show, Peter couldn’t shake a feeling of déjà vu. It had been ages since he’d been asked onto a talk show. Well, he wasn’t sure asked was the right word this time. … Continue reading

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Ep 12, Sc 3: The Show

INT. STUDIO. NIGHT. Nikki sat very still as the makeup artist worked, running the tip along her closed eyelids. “There,” the man said, stepping back. “A little blush…” Nikki felt the makeup brush against her cheek. “And you’re done.” Nikki … Continue reading

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Ep 12, Sc 2: The Boards

INT. COSTUME DEPARTMENT. DAY. Holly yawned sleepily as she opened the door to the costume department and went in. She collapsed into a foldout chair and yawned again. “Holly?” Matilda looked out from behind a rack of clothes. “Hello.” Holly … Continue reading

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Episode 12, Scene 1: The Articles

INT. NIKKI’S HOUSE. NIGHT. Nikki handed Clint the magazine with a certain amount of excited anticipation. He kicked his feet up on the coffee table and flipped open the magazine. “The photos are very nice,” he said. “Read the interview! … Continue reading

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