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S3, Ep 9, Sc 3: The Packing

Holly pulled her suitcase out from underneath her bed and laid it out. She opened her dresser drawer and examined the shirts inside, trying to decide what to pack. It felt a little strange to suddenly be heading back to … Continue reading

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S3, Ep 9, Sc 2: The Questions

“Henry! Hold on a second!” Peter jogged down the hallway to catch up. “Look before we go into the reading I was wondering if we could talk for a moment?” “Sure. Is something wrong?” Peter nodded towards a side door. … Continue reading

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S3, Ep 9, Sc 1: The Key

Clint was working at his computer, editing a few photos to remove defects when the impulse occurred to him. It was fairly mindless work that he’d done a thousand times before so his mind easily wandered. On a whim he … Continue reading

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