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S3, Ep 3, Sc 3: The Flight

“…please locate your nearest exit and be aware that in some instances the closest exit may be behind you. In case of a water landing…” Peter tuned out the stewardess and pulled out the book he’d purchased at the airport, … Continue reading

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S3, Ep 3, Sc 2: The Merger

Holly Woods, relaxing on set. Holly Woods talking with director- Holly slammed the magazine down angrily on the stand beside her chair. “Hey now, what did the magazine do to you?” Holly looked up and smiled at Frank as he … Continue reading

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S3, Ep 3, Sc 1: The Mess

Clint flicked through his photos on the computer. Some of them would be worth something but they were all fairly standard and dull. It had been several months since he’d managed to get anything even semi exclusive. Of course, it … Continue reading

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