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S3, Ep 2: Sc 3: The Leak

Holly winced a little as she woke up. Her head wasn’t throbbing but it had an uncomfortable ache. She rolled out of bed and made her way to the bathroom where she took a shower and got dressed, before walking … Continue reading

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S3, Ep 2: Sc 2: The Man

Photographers were swarming over the sidewalk. Not unlike a disturbed anthill, thought Clint a little dourly. The nightclub they were all congregating around had only been open for a few days, was partly owned by a Grammy winning rapper, and … Continue reading

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S3, Ep 2: Sc 1: The City

The airplane landed an hour late. Matt stood and stretched, then waited while the passengers in front of him filed out before he stepped into the aisle and took his carry-on down from the overhead bin. He exchanged a few … Continue reading

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