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The Holidays Have Started

Author’s Note: I wanted to get one more chapter in before the holidays but I am burnt out in a writing sense from getting all my work done before the Christmas week. Holly(Woods) will return January 8th, and should hopefully … Continue reading

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Under the weather

I am not feeling super great today and have been spending most of the day trying to sleep it off, so have not been able to finish the Holly post. If I successfully sleep it off, I’ll post it tomorrow.

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Taking the Week Off

I’m going to be taking the week off from Holly. I know it’s a bit unexpected but I really want to take some time off and just figure out a little clearer on how exactly I want to get the story to … Continue reading

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Post Delayed

Today’s post is delayed…I’m not sure how long. I am writing this on my iPad because my computer is crashed and not rebooting properly. I’m really really hoping I will get it fixed soon…if not….well for once not having a … Continue reading

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