Holly Woods – Young twenty year old actress who came to Hollywood to make it big. Naïve, open, kind and optimistic, she doesn’t know what she’s letting herself in for…



Peter Glades – A former, washed up, big name, he’s barely getting by now in cheap made for TV movies with rotten scripts. A mystery as far as Holly is concerned, with a secret he’s not telling, Peter is deeply attracted to her.

Alan Ryder – A rising star in Hollywood who’s just beginning to make it big. Young, attractive and popular, he’s every young girl’s newest heartthrob.

Nikki Steele – A former teen pop star, now in her early twenties, she’s been battling tabloid gossip, excessive partying and diminishing record sales for several years now and people have started to say she’s finished.

Clint Morgan – Paparazzi, photographer, country boy (a long time ago). He’s been around town for over ten years now and he’s seen enough stars come, go and fall to be ruthless and merciless in his hunt for the next photo…until he meets one star he feels a need to help.

EveylnEvelyn Martin – An aging actress, whose career faded along with her youth. She is a little cynical and a little resentful of the way the business has treated her, however she is very kind when she wants to be albeit a bit overly dramatic.


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  1. agreyworld says:

    You should add the character portraits here!

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